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Crayon Physics

Draw Objects To Solve the Physics Puzzle! Unique and Fun.

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 5.6 MB
  • Play It On - Win XP


DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Gameplay is as simple as drawing shapes, allowing anyone to play
  • Numerous ways to solve each puzzle gives you a reason to replay the game several times over
  • Varying levels and obstacles to tackle (gaps, seesaws, blocks)
  • The game has an interesting and unique crayon drawing theme
  • The game is available for free


  • Shapes you can draw are limited to squares and rectangles
  • Drawing the blocks to the size and shape you desire can sometimes be difficult
  • Only one difficulty setting for the game
  • No help if you get stuck
  • Game is very short with only a handful of levels




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Game Description

Build Whatever It Takes

In Crayon Physics every scribble and doodle comes to life as you work to solve a variety of interesting and complex puzzles. Using a unique physics system, every object you doodle with your crayon pointer reacts realistically once you trace them on the paper. Right angles become brackets, braces, and even fulcrums as you construct simple machines and find the simplest, or most complex, way of getting to the finish.

It's All About the Physics

The actual gameplay idea is quite simple with your goal being to work your way through dozens of linked 'island' maps and nudge a small red ball toward a star perched strategically out of reach. It doesn't matter how you get the ball to the star just as long as it gets there.


The game starts out with some rather easy puzzles to solve, with you simply dropping an object on the ball to prod it in one direction, laying straight lines to clear gaps between pillars, and drawing ramps down from platforms. There are dozens of ways to solve each problem and you could easily complete some maps with little more than a block and some lines, or you can construct whatever outlandish Rube Goldberg style machine you want.

Creative Gameplay

Perhaps the most entertaining aspect of Crayon Physics is this creative flexibility which you can utilize. The levels are both mazes and playgrounds in a sense, and allow you to attack the various conundrums in a variety of ways.

This adds in an immense replay factor as you might find yourself revisiting levels in which you've already found the simplest solution, just to come up with wildly improbable, ludicrous alternatives. With no price tag, you get an enjoyable gaming experience full of challenging puzzles that are sure to leave you stumped.

So if you like puzzle games that will test your creative thinking, download Crayon Physics and flex some mental muscle today!

How to Play Crayon Physics

Use your crayon to draw objects to help move the ball to collect stars. The ball obeys the laws of physics and will react to the objects you draw.

With the left mouse button you can draw and with the right you can remove objects.


Space - Will reset the level.
Esc - Will open the menu.

Alt + enter - Will toggle fullscreen.
Alt + F4 - Will quit the game.

Crayon Physics Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Brandon

Crayon Physics is an entertaining puzzle game in which you work your way through various levels and obstacles by collecting stars placed throughout with a small red ball.

Challenging, Physics-Based Puzzles

You start off with simple levels and obstacles, such as the first level in which you simply move the ball across a flat surface. As you complete levels you face more challenging elements such as gaps and seesaws you must cross or blocks that must be moved. While you are limited to using squares and rectangles to overcome the obstacles, the way in which you use them is completely up to you. The game can be quite difficult, and with no hints or option to change difficulty it can be frustrating when stuck.


Draw Your Way to Victory

Crayon Physics has relatively simple and straightforward gameplay. Shapes are drawn or removed with the mouse and used to move the ball and gather stars. A tutorial-like level is provided that introduces a basic way to accomplish such a feat (a large box is drawn and drops onto the ball). More advanced strategies are a bit less intuitive and left you to figure out on your own through experimenting or perhaps by accident.

Sometimes Drawing Can Be Tough

The biggest problem with the controls may be getting the correct size and shape block you desire in place. Drawing a simple line or L-shape is enough to create a square or rectangle (automatically completed by the game), but if not done carefully you can easily end up with blocks far too large or out of place. Although it is not a game-breaking issue, it can be an annoyance to deal with.

Drawing Theme is Well Done

While only a small part of Crayon Physics, the graphics add to the atmosphere and feel of the game. Everything, even the shapes that you create, look as if they have been drawn with a crayon. Your own drawings will randomly be red, blue, or green. There are also other shades and colors used through the levels for various objects (platforms, trees, clouds, etc). The background on which everything is drawn is a simple piece of paper, with graphing lines or folds clearly visible. The graphics are very simple and basic, but this contributes to the theme rather than taking anything away from the game. Crayon Physics also has some music as you play through the game, but the music neither adds nor detracts to the gameplay experience.

Short Game

The gameplay in Crayon Physics is somewhat repetitive. Even though the levels and obstacles may vary, you are limited to the rectangle/square shapes. The various methods and solutions for puzzles does help on this front, giving you a reason to replay the game, even if only for a few times. The game is ultimately very short with only a handful of levels to complete. Even with the ability to go back and try to solve levels differently, this game will likely not last long.


Conclusion - Unique and Free, Worth a Shot

On the whole, Crayon Physics is a fun and challenging game that's well worth the time it takes to download regardless of gaming experience. The multitude of levels, obstacles, and solutions give you a great deal of flexibility and let you solve the puzzle with the most basic moves or an unbelievably complex setup. Simple visuals help draw you into the game and enjoy the experience that lives up to its name despite flaws such as a very short play time and limited shape choice.

You may not play Crayon Physics for very long, but you will enjoy all the time you do get out of it.

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Check out this video of several levels that can be found in Crayon Physics.

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