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Cradle of Rome

Rise to Power as the Roman Emperor and Dominate Your Empire in Cradle of Rome!

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Game Description

Rome Wasn't Built in a Day

It took centuries for the small city to grow into the ancient metropolis which was the center to one of the mightiest empire's the world has ever known, and you get to tag along for the various stages of its development.

Play through over 100 levels as you make your way through five epochs in the history of this ancient capital and build up the city one structure at a time. Enjoy hours of match-3 fun while progressing from a lowly peasant to the emperor of Rome and maybe even attempt to climb the fabled Mount Olympus.


Straightforward Match-3 Design with a Twist

Cradle of Rome plays like many other match-3 fares with you trying to create combos by swapping adjacent tiles to make them disappear from the board and clear all of the blue colored plaques in order to finish a level. The twist is that the tiles represent different building resources, such as gold, supplies, and food, which you have to collect in order to build up the structures necessary for advancement to later epochs.

This adds a strategic component to the gameplay since you might have to put off getting rid of that last plaque in order to collect more lumber for supplies or gold pieces so you can afford that next quarry. The title also comes with the traditional power-ups and hindrances, like hammers and chains.

Challenging, Interesting Gameplay

Cradle of Rome provides an enjoyable matching experience with attractive visuals and catchy tunes. It's resource oriented theme adds an invigorating twists to the genre and an addictive strategic element.


The thing which might challenge newcomers is the fact that you can only save at the beginning of each epoch, so if you lose a level in the middle of an age, you have to start back at the beginning of that era.

If you are looking for a fun and challenging match-3 game, then download Cradle of Rome and start building that majestic city today!

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See some of the unique resource management elements to be found in this match finding title.

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