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Cradle of Egypt

Construct a Great Civilization!

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Game Description

Cradle of Egypt follows in the footsteps of the popular Cradle of Rome and Cradle of Persia games. It combines the pattern-making and matching fun of games like Bejeweled with building a city from scratch as in the classic Civilization games.

Success in the matching portion of the game gives you supplies such as money and food that you can use to add new buildings to your settlement. Some moves in the matching game also unlock secret bonuses, such as special citizens you can add to your city.



Cradle of Egypt is a match-three game, where you swap symbols on a field of tiles to form lines of three or more. As you eliminate symbols, more drop in from above, so the field is ever-changing. To add to the challenge, each level presents you with a differently shaped field, with walls that can make it tough to squeeze a match in.

On some levels, ropes block off part of the board, and must be broken with matches to fill in the empty areas.

Cradle of Egypt has 100 levels, divided into five "epochs," from Farmer to Pharaoh. Each epoch has its own challenges and new buildings and citizens to add to your growing city.

You can play the game in Relaxed mode if you'd rather not be rushed, or Timed mode if you enjoy trying to beat the clock. You can also try levels you've already completed in a timed Tourney mode to earn special decorations for your city.

Once you've completed all 100 levels, you'll unlock Blitz mode, in which you race to finish as many levels as you can in a certain time period.


Pyramid Building Fun!

Cradle of Egypt is an excellent choice for casual gamers who want a simple, relaxing, yet addictive game. The gameplay is easy to pick up within minutes. Even children will easily be able to grasp the rules, and the game includes a generous tutorial and hint system that make it difficult to get truly stuck.

Still, Cradle of Egypt also has enough complexity to keep more hardcore puzzle game fans happy. Finding and unlocking all the hidden bonuses can be challenging, and pitting yourself against the clock in the game's Timed, Tourney, or Blitz modes can be a real test of your puzzling skills and mental quickness.

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Fast Facts

  1. Cradle of Egypt was released on November 23, 2011.
  2. Cradle of Egypt was developed by Awem Games.
  3. This title is the fourth entry in the cradle series. The other ones are Cradle of Rome, Cradle of Persia, and Cradle of Rome 2.
  4. Besides the Cradle series, Awem has also developed a couple of shooters like Alien Stars and Star Defender, some hidden object games like Romance of Rome and the Golden Trails series, and has a sim series in the form of The Island: Castaway.
  5. Cradle of Egypt is available for the PC, Mac and Nintendo DS.

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