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Classic Chess

Improve your chess skills as Classic Chess challenges beginners to advanced players.

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A superior game, one of the very best in its category.


  • Take on a variety of computer opponents or create your own
  • Play against other players on your computer, over a LAN, or online
  • Watch tons of classic chess matches and learn from the pros
  • Many different chess boards and pieces to use
  • Score victories to improve your ranking


  • Menus don't really fit with the rest of the game
  • Viewing angle for 3D chess pieces can hinder play




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Game Description

Top notch graphics and AI!

Are you searching for a Chess game that will not only be fun, but also act as a tutorial? Classic Chess will help your chess skills regardless of what stage you are currently at in your chess playing. You can set different settings to match your current skills from the start of this exciting Chess game!


Pick your level, pick your pieces, pick your board and begin play with Classic Chess! Don't be intimidated if you are a beginner! There is a tutorial built in for beginners like you!

Also included are over 3000 all-time classic games featuring some of the best Chess Masters, you can watch them in action and learn how they think.

Classic Chess Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Brandon

Classic Chess is a game that will likely have great appeal for fans of chess or anyone who likes a game of chess every now and then. You can take on computer opponents or create and customize one to provide the perfect challenge. Take on other players on your computer, over a LAN, or online as you compete for the win. Watch tons of classic chess matches so you can pick up tips and tricks the pros use. This is definitely a game well worth playing.

Hints for New Players

The game plays like any normal game of chess would. You control several different pieces on an 8x8 board, and your goal is to place your opponent in Checkmate. For players with past chess experience it should be familiar and straightforward. For anyone else, there's help provided to explain how to play the game. Hints are also available in unrated matches against the computer.


Some Chess Training Options

There are several modes in Classic Chess that let you take on opponents, train yourself, or watch and learn from the pros. One option is to play a normal game against the computer or a friend on your computer. This mode allows things like hints to help you succeed. Rated Game lets you take on a computer or friend in a match that will increase or lower your ranking depending on their skill and the outcome of the match. You won't be able to receive any sort of hints or help in this mode.

Watch Classic Matches Between Pros

The Classic Chess mode lets you watch classic chess matches between pros play out on the board. It's a great addition for players really crazy about chess, or those just looking to learn from the pros. The last mode is one that lets you take on another player either online or over a Local Area Network. The only issue with online play is that you'll need the IP address of someone to play against, you can't just find or search for players.

While there are no difficulty levels or settings in the game, there is a sizable number of computer opponents to take on. These opponents range in skill level from the fairly easy to the incredibly challenging. You can also create your own computer opponent and customize them to be as easy or hard as you want. You can also adjust game rules (like the time per move) to increase or lower the challenge.

Good Presentation

Presentation is another positive aspect of the game. The graphics aren't cutting edge, but are still good for something as simple as a chess game. You can also change the look of the chess board and pieces to a number of different styles to get just the look you want. Unfortunately, the angle of the chess board combined with the pieces being 3D can hinder your view when playing. However, the game does provide a 2D board at the same time, and one of the chess piece sets does look more 2D.


Another issue is the menus and prompts don't really fit the look or feel of the rest of the game. The audio is done very well in this game. The game announces when a piece is captured, or when a King is put in check. There are also different categories of music to choose from and play during matches if you want. The presentation complements the gameplay superbly.

Conclusion - A Very Solid Chess Game For a Wide Range of Players

Overall, Classic Chess is an excellent choice for any chess enthusiast as well as players who enjoy a game of chess occasionally. A few minor issues are heavily outweighed by all the positive things this game has to offer. Take on computer opponents or create and customize one to provide the perfect challenge for you. Take on other players on your computer, over a LAN, or online as you compete for wins and a higher ranking. You can watch a host of classic chess matches and maybe even pick up some tips and tricks from the pros. Don't hesitate to give this game a try.

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Fast Facts

  1. Classic Chess was developed by Gunnar Games and published by OnHand Software, Inc.
  2. This game is only available for Windows
  3. Gunnar Games has developed over 50 titles, including the Hidden Mysteries series and the Brain Games series
  4. The first computer program to play chess was developed in 1956
  5. 1994 marked the first time a chess program (ChessGenius) defeated a World Champion (Gary Kasparov)

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