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Chromentum 2

Restore Color to Chrome World by Solving Tough 3D Physics Puzzles

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Astounding number of levels to play as well as the ability to create your own
  • Having to take momentum into account adds an interesting twist to gameplay
  • Easy point and click controls
  • Ability to undo moves and purchase puzzle hints and solutions
  • Perfecting your strategy to earn a perfect score gives incentive to replay


  • Repetitive nature of gameplay, especially early on
  • Sounds can become annoying after a while




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Game Description

Restore Color to a Desperate World!

All the color has disappeared from the world of the colorful Chromes! Help these adorable, big-eyed creatures restore their world by solving challenging 3D puzzles.

This is a standalone sequel to Chromentum featuring improved graphics and level designs and an enjoyable storyline.


Solve Complicated 3D Physics Puzzles

The goal of each puzzle is to move the Chromes onto their correct circles using momentum transfer. To do this, shoot your Chrome at other Chromes to transfer momentum and cause them to move across the board.

Puzzles get more and more challenging with maze-like boards, tons of circles to cover, and more. The fewer number of moves you make per puzzle the more gold stars you can earn to buy hints. Enjoy bonus levels that challenge you to solve tricky puzzles with just one move!

Practice Logical Thinking and Enjoy Cute Graphics

This is a great game for puzzle game fans because the levels are challenging and require thought but the story and adorable graphics provide a nice break from all that hard thinking.


Gamers of any age can enjoy saving the cute Chromes and developing logical thinking strategies. This game offers many hours of thought-provoking entertainment and the rewarding feeling of completing some super tough puzzles!

Help the Chromes restore the colors now and challenge yourself with Chromentum 2!

Chromentum 2 Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Brandon

Chromentum 2 is a unique and interesting puzzle game largely because of the momentum mechanic at the heart of the gameplay.

It's All About Momentum

You take control of a uniquely colored chrome ball (called a Chromate) and use it to push or nudge other Chromates onto appropriate circles located throughout levels. You push or nudge the other Chromates by hitting them with the Chromate you can control to transfer its momentum. Completing levels will earn you star points that will unlock story cinematics, bonus levels, and can be used to purchase hints and solutions. One star point is earned for completing levels, with another awarded for doing so perfectly (fewest moves possible used).


Nice Range of Level Difficulty

Levels range from the small and simple to the large and surprisingly complex. On some levels you are tasked with multiple colors of Chromates that must reach matching color circles, while others require navigate a single Chromate through a tough set of obstacles. Levels contain various obstacles and features such as ramps, tiles on which Chromates will slide, fences that cannot be crossed, or turns that Chromates can slide around. You even have the ability to create your own levels as you see fit.

Some Repetition

Chromates themselves also come in several varieties with differing colors and abilities. Some Chromates can transfer momentum in multiple directions while others change color on collisions. Others will meld together to form larger Chromates or even explode. Despite the variety in levels and Chromates, the game is a bit repetitive. This is especially true earlier on in the game, when many of the more complex elements have yet to be introduced or used.

Easy to Control

Controlling your Chromate is fairly easy through mouse clicks. You can either move normally, or use the “Shoot” movement type which will transfer momentum (and limits you to straight line movement). A sizable number of tutorials levels are also available for play. These tutorials will cover everything from the different types of movements to the most challenging obstacles you'll face.

Puzzles Can Get Complex

In contrast to the simple controls, the puzzles in Chromentum 2 can be very difficult and complicated. Fortunately, there is plenty of help available if you do find yourself tripped up by a puzzle. You can easily undo any number of previous moves if you've made a mistake.

Alternatively, the huge selection of levels means that there is likely another level you can move on to and work on before returning and trying again. If you still have trouble after those options, you can also choose to purchase a hint with star points. Hints aren't always useful as it's only the first move you can make that's given. On more complicated levels, that isn't likely to get you far.

The final options are to purchase a solution to the current level or purchase the solution and pass. The solution alone lets you watch the puzzle be completed and then requires you to still clear the level. The solution and pass will show you how to
complete the level and then skip it.

Some Story Elements

Unlike many other puzzle games, Chromentum 2 also has a story that unfolds as more levels are completed. Star points slowly unlock new cinematics that follow two Chromates on a quest to restore the scenery to paradise. While fairly simple and short, these cinematics do add another goal to work toward and serve as a nice bonus.


Chracters in Chromentum 2 have cute appeal to them thanks to the simple design and the wide-eyed expression. Chromates are simple shapes such as a ball or heart with relatively large eyes that are wide open. At the same time, the characters and levels have a glossy look and feel to them. The only real issue with the characters is the sound they make when clicked or bumped. It fits with the cute appeal they otherwise have, but as time passes becomes somewhat annoying.

Conclusion - Unique Puzzle Game That is Worth a Shot

Chromentum 2 brings an exciting and unique twist to puzzle games as you must deal not only with levels and obstacles but the challenge that the momentum brings as well. While you may not find great incentive to replay the game multiple times over, the sheer number and variety of levels you can play and create will keep you busying for a long time. A perfect choice for the hardcore puzzle game lover with all the tools and help to make it a great game for anyone else.

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Catch a few minutes of gameplay and witness the momentum based puzzles found in this spectacular sequel.

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