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Christmas Wonderland 13

Enjoy a lovely peaceful fresh take on pixel art puzzles with Christmas Wonderland 13

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Game Description

Enjoy a lovely peaceful fresh take on pixel art puzzles. Christmas Wonderland 13 is a puzzle game in which you must piece together pixel art pictures! Draw colourful links between distinct points and finish a variety of original pixel artworks. Christmas Wonderland 13 has easy yet rewarding gameplay, calming aesthetics and music, and even in-game trivia and entertaining facts!

Christmas would not be complete without a visit to Christmas Wonderland. Christmas Wonderland's Holiday Festivities in Springfield are a must-see. Assist Santa Claus at the North Pole. Meet him at the Town Hall and his Toy Workshops. Visit Springfield's amazing Candyland Factory and Happy Holidays' 'Fairy Tale' themed Mall. Deck the halls of the NEW Christmas Wonderland House. Win fantastic Rewards and Achievements. Go in search of Frosty the Snowman. Make an album out of your photos.

It's Christmas Eve, and all of the toys have been completed. Rudolph and his team have been attached to the Sleigh. Santa Claus flies around the world while children sleep, or do they? It'll soon be another spectacular Christmas morning.

Find Hidden Objects, Lost Presents, Gold Angels, and Reindeer to assist Santa. Play fantastic Mini-Games. Acquire Merit Badges. Christmas Wonderland 13 is jam-packed with presents and hidden surprises, as well as gorgeous graphics and puzzles. Join in the fun with Captivating Christmas gameplay for Families and Friends of All Ability


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Fast Facts

  1. Outstanding Holiday Laughter
  2. Beautiful graphics and gameplay
  3. Photo Realistic Holiday Scenes Photo Realistic Puzzles for Everyone
  4. Collect Snowmen and Gold Angels
  5. Decorate the Wonderland House

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