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Christmas Stories: Puss in Boots CE

Why would anyone stop Christmas?

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Game Description

The Christmas magic continues...

You adopt a forlorn kitten on Christmas Eve, but little did you know what that innocent cat would get you into. It seems a thief has ransacked Santa's purrrfect little toy town, stealing the Christmas star!

Why would anyone want to stop Christmas from coming? Find out in this family-friendly game that's just right for one and all during the holidays. The festive soundtrack will put you in the Christmas mood! And you'll love the variety in the hidden-object puzzles and enjoy the fresh new mini-games.


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Fast Facts

  1. In the Bonus Game, see how they celebrate Christmas in other lands!
  2. Can you unlock the Secret Room and meet each cat's challenges?
  3. Listen to the music, download screensavers and wallpapers, or admire the concept art!
  4. Collect morphing objects and puzzle pieces throughout the game

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