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Cats LovEscape

Help Black cat to get his true love in Cats LovEscape

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Game Description

The Black cat wants to find his purrfect love, but first he must overcome all of the difficulties in his path with the assistance of Cat Cupid. He came to his love's house, but an enraged Grandma refused to let him in, and she took the White cat with her. He got in, but now he has to go through all the rooms to find where Grandma kept his true love. Fortunately, Cat Cupid is on his side and will go to any length to reunite these two lovers. Will it, however, be sufficient?


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Fast Facts

  1. Easy to Learn! Cupid teaches you the basics of love hunting
  2. Wonderful Graphics & Animations
  3. Beautiful relaxing soundtrack.
  4. Many challenging puzzles!

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