Catherine Ragnor: Blackbeard's Fury

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Catherine Ragnor: Blackbeard's Fury

Assist Catherine Ragnor in her quest for revenge on Blackbeard by gathering allies and power.

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  • File Size - 340 MB
  • Play It On - Windows 7 or better


Game Description

Catherine Ragnor has a new ship and a fresh treasure hunt after her exploits with the terrible captain of the Flying Dutchman. However, when she returns home after a long journey, she discovers that her community is being attacked by the infamous pirate Blackbeard. Due to the strength of the enormous Sword of Ocean Fury, Blackbeard has become seemingly unbeatable. Catherine embarks on a fresh adventure to obtain the mythical weapon capable of countering Blackbeard's blade, determined to exact vengeance for her family and friends.


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Catherine Ragnor: Blackbeard's Fury - Screen 1 Catherine Ragnor: Blackbeard's Fury - Screen 2

Fast Facts

  1. Join Catherine's forces and help her to achieve her success
  2. Enjoy challenging match-3 levels
  3. Upgrade Catherine's ship to defeat her enemies
  4. New challenging mini-game
  5. Find the legendary weapon to defeat Blackbeard

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