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Captain Goose

Join the courageous Captain Goose and his crew as they set off on a perilous adventure!

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Game Description

Captain Goose has unleashed a horrible curse by sinking his ship, and now the Abyss is attempting to seize the souls of everyone who managed to escape the catastrophe. To escape the Abyss's hordes, the captain and the remaining sailors must hijack a stranger's ship and sail to the opposite side of the globe. Every living thing will attempt to drive the captain and his crew to their watery grave, from little fish to enormous marine monsters.
To stop the adversaries from creating holes in the warship's board, players must seize control of its cannons. The ship must be repaired and upgraded in terms of protection and combat power to stay afloat. Enemies can also negatively impact the ship or its crew: they can cause the gunpowder to get wet, the cannons to fire poorly, the sailors to become seasick, or the gunner to drink rum to get bravery and aim poorly. Spending the earned gold prudently will help you be ready for any trouble that may arise on the high seas. When you reach the closest port, you can purchase different kinds of shells, each with its special characteristics. You have access to fragmentation bombs, toxic, incendiary, and cannonball-scissors, among other weapons.


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