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Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source

Real Estate Management Takes on a New Hurdle: Can You Manage Energy as Well as Real Estate?

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Each level brings about new challenges that are clearly explained.
  • Concise and helpful tutorial that leads to quick mastering of the game's buttons and overall objectives.
  • Places main focus on energy conservation. This is a clever element of the game that increases the entertainment value as well as energy awareness. The game is 'green'.


  • The levels tend to be small and do not allow for much freedom as a user. Unlike most simulation games the objectives are to be met in a very specific manner.




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Game Description

Real Estate Has Never Been So Exciting!

The popular real estate game series Build-a-Lot keeps getting better, especially in Build-a-Lot 4. Enjoy the same real estate buying, building, selling and upgrading as in previous games in the series but with the addition of energy management.

If this is your first Build-a-Lot game, it's easy to jump right in and quickly become an impressive real estate guru with the simple tutorials!


Fast-Paced Management Fun

Each level asks you to complete a set of objectives, such as owning two duplexes, having no empty lots and having $100,000 cash, before time runs out. Build and upgrade houses to earn rent and paint them or build community locations like tennis courts to increase the appeal of the neighborhood.

Watch your energy bar, though, because each house uses energy and when the energy is too low it'll cause a blackout and you won't collect any rent. Lessen the amount of energy you use by creating energy saver houses or gain energy by building wind farms, solar towers or nuclear reactors, all of which make your neighborhood less appealing.

Balance amounts of materials and workers needed and sell your houses for fast cash. You can also build amphitheaters, pools, apartments, bakeries, boutiques and much more!


Experience Alternative Energies in an Addicting Setting

This game is very addicting and fast-paced and it will test your strategy-making skills as you try to balance fulfilling the objectives with earning money. Learn about alternative energies in an exciting way. Once you've completed the game, try Expert Mode for a huge challenge!

Are you ready to bring in the money with your real estate skills? Challenge yourself now with Build-a-Lot 4!

Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Build-a-Lot 4:Power Source is a fast-paced real estate management game where you buy and sell homes for profit.

The Same Build-a-Lot But With a Different Focus

This game stays true to its Build-a-Lot roots, while exploring a different element and concern of the housing industry—energy. Yet, apart from the buying and selling of homes, which can be seen in previous versions, this version's crux is on energy and energy conservation. This theme is a constant in all the levels, and objectives revolve around energy. In fact, there is even a power tool bar and there are technicians that decrease a houses' greenhouse gas emissions.


Easy to Learn

The game plays easy. The buttons are clearly labeled and there are sufficient instructions on what needs to be done and when. Despite this ease, the game does have a drawback. The levels tended to be small and simple, not allowing the user much freedom (what you need to do is spelled out). This lack of freedom can make completing tasks surprisingly easy, especially early in the game. 

Basic Gameplay

The game opens with a really helpful and concise tutorial. The explanations are very simple and made for a quick and thorough understanding of the game. You acquire money and complete objectives based on your ability to buy and sell houses. In this game it is important to keep your tenants happy by maintaining your property and increasing the overall value of the home with quick remodeling or energy efficient upgrades. Upgrades may be as complex as building your neighborhood windmills or as simple as changing the thermostats in your properties, making them more “green.” As you make money and increase the overall happiness of your tenants you complete objectives, thus completing levels and progressing in the game.


Maybe Too Basic for Some

A drawback of the game would be the rate at which you progress. Playing for less than 10 minutes you will probably complete 2 or 3 levels. This keeps the game moving, but takes away from the strategy of starting small and growing big. You may not experience the level of freedom you may be accustomed to with other simulation games. For example the properties and lots are in fixed positions. You cannot choose where you want to build your next home. Also, because there is a level system, your results from the previous level do not carry over to the next. You may have built a superior neighborhood in level 7, but in level 8 those houses are gone and you are starting fresh with new materials and tasks.

Conclusion - Basic Real Estate Management

Overall the game is a great take on the real estate market, with a key emphasis on energy conservation. You will be entertained for countless hours whether you are a real estate expert or just someone interested in simulation games. Build-a-Lot 4: Power Source is for a casual player looking for an intriguing simulation. The gameplay is smooth and the theme of real estate is engaging; however, the levels can be short and the game may come off as juvenile. This game's grown-up ideas, simple design, and small levels make this a great game for all ages.

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Check out how you can generate clean energy and develop a variety of neighborhoods in the latest game of the Build-a-Lot series.

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