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Boon Boon

Collect candies and bring them to Luna to win her heart in Boon Boon!

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Game Description

Boon Boon, a gentleman, had courage of speaking freely to express his true feelings. He knew himself better than anyone else. One day, he fell in love with a cute girl, Luna, who also had a crush on Boon Boon. Later he figured out by himself that she loved candies very much. He decided to start collecting candies but there were hurdles all over the place! The monsters and the guards were protecting the candies from getting stolen. Now, what will you do?


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Fast Facts

  1. 10 Levels to play.
  2. Collect all the candies.
  3. Different kinds of monsters like bird demon, ball, bat demon, and much more.
  4. 6 Lives to start with.
  5. Collect Lives and increase your survival duration.
  6. Various kinds of traps like acid, big choppers etc.
  7. Challenging situations and hard to master.

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