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Bluebeard's Castle

Discover The Secrets That Lie Within Bluebeard's Forbidden Lair!

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Game Description

What is the Count Hiding?

Count Bluebeard has always been an enigma. For one thing, his beard is appropriately blue in color, but more than that is his rather tumultuous love life. It’s been greatly rumored that he married six times, yet no one has knows what exactly happened to any of his brides.

On March 13, 1883, he marries his seventh wife, who is none other than your sister, Clarice Knight.


The count gives her free reign of his luxurious estate, on one condition; never once should she venture into the forbidden room.

Clarice tries to abide by that one simple rule, but she can’t help but wonder what secrets it holds, especially since she swears she can hear the eerie sounds of a woman crying inside. So sure enough, she enters it and is never seen again.

What happened to Clarice? What did she find in the room? Just who is Count Bluebeard and what other dark secrets is he hiding? The answers to those questions will be up to you as you tread into the castle walls to become a part of its history.

A Haunting Adventure

The castle of Count Bluebeard is creepy, as you should expect. Exploring its depths will not only require a keen eye and sharp wit, but a heart of steel to brave its dank corridors.

Features beautifully drawn and atmospheric visuals that bring Bluebeard’s Castle to life, even if the place stinks of death.
Uncover the dark history of the castle and its grim master. Read journals and news articles that paint a tragic and disturbing picture.
Haunting sound effect and beautiful music pull you into the world.

Find the Hidden Items

Treasure abounds within the walls of Bluebeard’s Castle. Many useful items can be found here and there that can either clue you in on Clarice’s fate, or help you get further inside.


Hidden object games are every bit as atmospheric as the rest of the castle! Watch as rats scurry around a messy bedroom, or how fish swim around your hands in a pool of stagnant water.
All new preview system lets you know exactly what to find! Highlight an item on your list and get a glimpse of how it appears in the world.
In-depth hint system is ready to show you where you can find an item on your list. Use it wisely, hints need to take time to recharge.

Puzzling Mysteries

With its eerie atmosphere, challenging puzzles and hidden object games, and a riveting mystery story that will never let you go, Bluebeard's Castle should be a worthy addition to your library. If you’re looking for a game that will rack your brain and keep you up during the wee hours of the night, then go no further than Bluebeard’s Castle - if you dare!

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