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Develop Your Dream City and Become a Real Estate Tycoon in Be Rich!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 78 MB
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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

Better than average but has some noticeable flaws.


  • Very in-depth, unique theme sets it apart from other games of the same genre.
  • Several goals each level add variety and difficulty.
  • Both a Story Mode and Sandbox Mode means there is always something to do.
  • Trophy room displays rewards and achievements while doing well on levels allows you to buy upgrades.
  • Over 40 levels, each at a different location all over the continental United States.


  • Graphics are busy and distracting.
  • Highly difficult to reach Expert Time but impossible to fail level, making gameplay very frustrating.
  • Pretty complicated and involved which limits the audience significantly.




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Game Description

All the Real Estate You Can Handle

You're in charge of the money now. Create your own real estate firm and build, buy and sell houses, shops, mansions and more to develop the city of your dreams.

Build for Purpose or Fun

In this real estate simulation game, you can choose to achieve objectives, such as building enough houses to attract 100 people or earning enough money from rent to buy a stadium. Sandbox mode is also available so you can build any city you can imagine.


Houses can be upgraded or decorated to earn more rent per day. Your real estate headquarters can even be upgraded to give you bonuses such as faster house construction. Earning new types of houses, ranging from bungalows to mansions, and working with different types of neighborhoods keeps gamplay fresh and addictive.

Enjoy Management Without Leaving Home

Learn to manage time, money and space in order to build a city that accomplishes specific goals. Experience being a real estate CEO with all the money and power but none of the stress!

The world is at your fingertips-get building it!

Be Rich Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Hillary

If you've ever dreamed of being a rich, powerful, world-dominating real estate tycoon, then Be Rich is definitely a game to try! As Mr. Rich, you will travel to towns all over the USA doing what real estate agents do best: buying, selling and building houses and businesses in order to make lots, and lots, and lots of money. You must click like crazy, make good financial decisions and plan ahead to beat this realistic and involved task-management game.

Starting On the Path to Riches

To begin, you must choose an assistant from among three very well-qualified candidates. This assistant will help you along the way, especially in the first few tutorial levels. There are several kinds of houses you can build, a few different businesses and some “decorations”. Each house costs a certain amount of money to build but also yields a certain amount in rental income, which is based on how fancy the building is as well as how many people can live in it.


What Will You Build Today?

Businesses are similar, but you need to place them carefully in order to maximize their attendance levels. You can build a store, theme park, and movie theater among others. The decorations are used to raise the “appearance” of the town, which gives bonuses to your houses so they give you more income. Each level has different objectives, which will require to make different decisions based on what you need to accomplish. For instance, if you need to build 3 mansions, you won't waste all your money building cheap bungalows. If you need to build a big project like an airport, you should probably build as many houses as possible to gain as much rental income as possible to pay for the project.

2 Game Modes

There are two modes of play in Be Rich. You can either play through the timed 40-level Story Mode or try to complete more difficult objectives in a larger area in Sandbox Mode. The Story Mode does not allow you to fail a level, so as long as you eventually reach the objectives you can always continue on with the campaign. There is the higher goal of Expert Time, which just means that you accomplish the objectives in a fast time frame. Unfortunately, Expert Time is virtually impossible on most of levels, even after multiple tries. This limitation means you are constantly mediocre; unable to fail but also unable to really win, which is a rather depressing and irritating thought for proud gamers.

The Sandbox Mode is just as limited. Rather than being a sort of endless build with objectives that automatically got harder every time you achieved one, the Sandbox Mode is exactly the same as Story Mode, only in a wider area. There is an Expert Time to achieve the objectives in, but no penalty for taking all the time you want. Additionally, the area you can build in is so large it doesn't fit on the screen, so you have to scroll around the whole area to keep track of your investments. This makes it very difficult and unwieldy to play.

Maybe Too Complicated For Most Players

Be Rich is also far too involved and complicated to be a fun, addicting play. You have to strategize and plan ahead before you build anything, because if you put something in the wrong place you can't complete the objectives in the higher levels. The decorations add a certain percentage to the house's value, so you have to be aware of exactly what you are putting where and how much it will actually help you. If you place a decoration next to a house you need to buy, it raises the value of that house. This means when you go to buy it you will have to pay more for that house than you would have if you hadn't built the park or fountain next to it. You have to be very careful with the funds you have at the beginning of the level, because the second you give up waiting to buy a house and build your own, that house goes up for sale, and now you don't have any money.

It becomes very frustrating deciding whether to wait or to build, where to build, what to build, what to buy, what to sell, what to upgrade, etc. Each house you build can be upgraded to a maximum three star rating, which will get you more rental income. Your houses also fall into disrepair and you have to maintain them, but you can't get any income from them while they need repair, so you must constantly be paying attention to everything on your screen to maximize your profit.


Good Graphics But Cluttered

The graphics in Be Rich are sharp and clear, but very busy. There are little cars and people that run all over the screen, giving thumbs up and smiley faces if the appearance of the town is to their likes. All the houses make some sort of movement, the businesses move and flash lights, and whatever action you are working on has a graphic. Everything is brightly colored and intricate. It is just too much going on and too much to look at, especially when you are trying to reach an impossible Expert Time. This combined with the high difficulty and complicated gameplay really detracts from the quality of the game and makes it frustrating and not much fun to play.

Conclusion - Too Complex for a Time Management Game

Be Rich seems to have the elements of a successful task-management game on the surface. You click quickly, of course, and try to manage multiple things at a fast pace. However, there are significant flaws in this game that make it boring on one hand and frustratingly complicated on the other. The busy graphics are annoying, the forced mediocrity is anger-inducing, and the complicated gameplay and theme are confusing. Some people may enjoy this game, but most will probably stop playing before they even get out of the tutorial.

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Gameplay Video

Watch a variety of gameplay highlights including the construction of new buildings, upgrading your estates, and purchasing new land to develop.

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