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Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

Solve a Wide Variety of Entertaining Puzzles to Help a Girl Trapped in an Enchanted Castle

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Game Description

A Sleeping Beauty Awakens in a Magical Castle

Sophia has been asleep for 100 years in a world where humans without magic aren't supposed to survive. She awakens alone, with no idea where she is or what to do next. Help her explore an enchanted castle in this beautifully-illustrated fairy tale!

Enjoy Tons of Unique Puzzles

This puzzle adventure game will always keep you guessing about what's coming next. Wander through magical rooms and solve puzzles to earn important items that will help you solve other puzzles and learn more of Sophia's story.


There's a wide variety of puzzles, from hidden object scenes to "Simon Says" puzzles. Some puzzles test your logic, like figuring out how to enter a high window by finding magical beans, a shovel and water and planting a beanstalk. Other puzzles test your memory, like showing you a series of colored creatures and then a few rooms later, you see the creatures again and must put them in the correct order.

Enter a Magical World that You Won't Want to Leave!

The puzzles can be challenging but you have a fairy guide to give you hints and the puzzles won't be frustrating to most players.


The magical story and atmosphere of this game will transport you to a whimsical fairy tale world as you wander through beautiful, animated rooms and meet unique characters. This is a relaxing game because there are no time limits so you're free to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous artwork.

Dive into a captivating fairy tale now with Awakening: The Dreamless Castle!

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Fast Facts

  1. Awakening: The Dreamless Castle debuted on February 14, 2010.
  2. This game is the work of Boomzap Entertainment, which is based in Singapore.
  3. The Dreamless Castle is the first game in the Awakening series. The other entries are Moonfell Wood, The Goblin Kingdom, and The Skyward Castle.
  4. Other games developed by Boomzap Entertainment include Frogs in Love, Passport to Paradise, Pirates Plund-Arrr, and the Dana Knightstone series.
  5. The Dreamless Castle is available for the PC, Mac, iPad and iPhone.
  6. The Dreamless Castle eventually received a HD re-release.

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