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Astro Avenger 2

Singlehandedly Destroy the Alien Threat With Your High-Powered Spaceship in this Arcade Shooter

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Game Description

Destroy Countless Alien Enemies!

An alien race threatens the galaxy! Are you brave enough to hop in your spaceship and destroy every alien you can?

Get right into the action in this standalone sequel to Astro Avenger and battle your way through 50 levels and five intense boss fights!


Enjoy Fast-Paced Shooting Fun

In this arcade space shooter, pilot your spaceship and destroy all the aliens in each level. Use five upgradeable laser guns, each of which uses a different amount of energy and has a different shooting style. Switch between guns during battle to balance out energy usage so you don't run out.

Collect awesome power-ups like ship repairs, temporary immortality, faster shooting and much more. Purchase upgrades for your weapons or buy droids to repair your ship or help fight. Face all types of aliens, from little alien ships to strings of alien creatures to huge boss monsters and more!


Exciting, Replayable Action

The fast-paced action won't ever slacken but you'll rarely feel overwhelmed because the many power-ups can help you through tough situations. With three difficulty levels you can play this game again and again. Enjoy the challenge of weapon strategy and the challenge to your reflexes!

If you enjoy exciting space shooters, then Astro Avenger II is the game for you!

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