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Arcane Arts Academy 2

Arcane Arts Academy, the school for magically gifted pupils, has reopened for the school year!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 275 MB
  • Play It On - Windows 7 or better


Game Description

Arcane Arts Academy, the exclusive school for magically gifted pupils, has reopened for the school year! This year appears to be going well in the hands of Vertigo Tinley, the new rector, but will it? The new prefect, Dominic, has no intention of making Erika's life any easier. As a result of the previous year's events, the Academy must be rebuilt. Who will be revealed as the mysterious sponsor - Aiden Graves? Will the unexpected encounter that reopens past scars rip Erika's heart open? Markov, on the other hand, is determined to uncover the Chaos Extremists' secrets. Can the threat they confront influence his relationship with Siren and the fate of their young son? Assist Erika and her companions in overcoming the new obstacles!


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Fast Facts

  1. Join Erica in the coming school year.
  2. Experience a Time Management game in a mystical atmosphere unlike any other.
  3. Enjoy stunning professionally created environments that are ideal for mobile devices.
  4. Play over 60 interesting levels that provide hours of unique gameplay.
  5. View 120 stunning story-driven cutscenes (including a unique intro and outro for every level).
  6. Spend diamonds to embellish the common room for pupils.
  7. With an enchanting atmospheric soundtrack, you may immerse yourself in the enchantment.

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