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American Girl - Mia Goes for Great

Take on Mia's Goal of Becoming a Figure-Skating Superstar in American Girl: Mia Goes for Great

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

Average, has some problems & recommended with caution.


  • Unique figure skating premise that will be enjoyed by the target audience.
  • Colorful graphics.


  • Voice overs and dialogue easily becomes annoying and cannot be skipped.
  • Only two mini-games.
  • Challenges are very self-apparent and not too difficult.




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Game Description

Help Mia Learn How to Figure Skate Competitively

Ten-year-old Mia St. Clair is the youngest in a hockey-obsessed family. Mia is good at hockey but she's ready to shine in her own spotlight so she decides to pursue figure skating instead.

Help Mia learn how to figure skate and train to compete in the Lucerne's Winter Show and Regionals while overcoming odds like buying a costume and handling her not-so-nice archrival.


Explore, Design Routines and Practice Skating

Explore the town and talk to many people including the librarian to research ice skating, Mia's brothers and parents and other town inhabitants. Select music and costumes and design routines for the competitions. Help Mia practice and practice until she can finally compete!

Practice new skating moves by hitting the correct arrow keys. Play two fun strategy mini games including helping Mia's brother clear snow from the pond. When it's time to compete will you have what it takes to help Mia go for great and for gold?

Let Girls Learn from a Great Role Model

This game is a great way for kids, especially girls, ages seven and up to learn important life lessons through Mia's good choices. Kids will see Mia persevere to accomplish a meaningful goal, take on a part-time job to pay for her skating costume because her family can't afford it and more.


Mia even demonstrates how to handle a mean girl and eventually win her over. Kids can really learn from a charming role model like Mia and they'll remember their ice skating adventures for a long time!

Help Mia succeed at her new passion through determination and lots of practice by playing American Girl: Mia Goes for Great now!

American Girl - Mia Goes for Great Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Sara

Help Mia Go for the Great as she learns about the world of figure skating, perfecting her routines by gathering information and needed materials around the town.

Not Much Challenge Here

Designing her costume, selecting music, coordinating her routine and polishing it up for the Winter and Regional shows are just some of the unique tasks you will undertake. Sadly, most of these tasks are extremely cut-and-dry and do not pose a major challenge.


Activities undertaken include locating you library card, hidden very obviously among your belongings or hunting down you mischievous brothers to acquiesce your stolen music player. Furthermore, the game only includes two mini-games that may only be performed a certain number of times which even further eliminates any form of rigor.

Not Very Good Voice Acting

Voice over acting, which predominately features Mia's commentary, is quite bothersome and cannot be skipped which contributes to an even greater level of annoyance.


Good Costumes and Characters

Positive aspects include the colorful graphics, costumes, and characters who you will encounter along the way, and these relatively life-like depictions add a sense of realism to this figure skating quest.

Conclusion - A Good Try That Falls Short

The premise itself is highly noteworthy as there are seldom releases that combine figure skating as a sport with an adventure game which will be highly intriguing to those interested in such activities. Unless you are among that specific demographic, however, this game is ill-advised for purchase as the dreadful voice acting and overall ease of activities will prove boring and forgettable to those not particularly interested in figure skating, and perhaps even to some that are figure skating fanatics.

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