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Amaranthine Voyage: The Obsidian Book CE

Worlds upon worlds. All threatened!

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  • File Size - 720 MB
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Game Description

A long month of waiting, rising tensions and utter silence has passed. The stakes are high, and the fate of the harmonium radiation research team is still unknown. The CCPP decides to send one of the best agents - you - to find out what transpired.

As you land on the frozen mountains of Iceland, a mysterious helicopter passes above you. CCPP didn't send reinforcements, and the question arises - did someone else find out about the important research of your scientific team? As you traverse the narrow pathways and ice coated cliff sides, you will discover the findings of your scientists, and their conclusions will be borderline impossible. The investigation will pull you deeper into the research of harmonium energy, its possible uses... and abuses.

Prepare yourself for a journey that will change your life and your perception forever.


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Fast Facts

  1. Soundtracks, wallpapers and concept art
  2. Unique new gameplay element - Harmonium Collector
  3. Achievements and collectibles
  4. Integrated strategy guide

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