Amanda's Magic Book 7: The Way of Belaii

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Amanda's Magic Book 7: The Way of Belaii

Join Amanda on her new adventure in an incredible realm with the Belaii people!

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Game Description

Amanda has had numerous experiences in many mystical locations, but her oddest journey is finally upon her. Her anthropological uncle discovered an antique text that relates the narrative of a long-lost civilisation that once existed on Earth. Amanda, her uncle, and Charlie are transported into the world of the text and find themselves in a weird history beyond anything they've ever imagined. There, the peaceful Belaii people live in harmony with nature... But a new foe is on the way, and their tranquil existence is soon to come to an end. Can Amanda assist them in overcoming their fate?


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Fast Facts

  1. An exciting new adventure within the pages of an ancient text said to be about Earth's own long-forgotten past.
  2. Meet new friends and dangerous enemies as Amanda and Charlie find their way in a mysterious land.
  3. Complete fun match-3 puzzles to gather resources and unlock new story upgrades.
  4. 20 upgrades plot out the course of Amanda's adventure in a new story told across 5 chapters.
  5. Play through 5 chapters of the Belaii civilization
  6. Challenge yourself with fun match-3 puzzles
  7. Witness the amazing life of Belaii people with Amanda and Charlie
  8. Join Amanda and Charlie in an adventure they never forget
  9. Save the Belaii people from the unexpected strong enemies

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