Academy of Magic: Lair of the Beast

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Academy of Magic: Lair of the Beast

Join Dennis and his friends to save a kidnapped student from a monstrous beast.

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Game Description

After discovering his heritage as a wizard and banishing the dark power that held the once-beautiful Academy of Magic under a curse, Dennis Griffin now attends classes with other young witches and wizards, including a girl named Elera who quickly became one of his best friends. Life has never been better. When Elera's younger brother is kidnapped by a monstrous beast and students are forbidden from leaving the school, Dennis is desperate to help her save him. Yet there seems to be nothing they can do... until his rival, a student named Max, reveals he has a plan to find Elera's brother. And so, the three sneak out of the school to begin a desperate quest to find the kidnapped student and save him from the beast, even as their greatest enemies begin to stir.


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Fast Facts

  1. A new tale of magic and adventure as Dennis set outs to rescue a kidnapped boy
  2. Five chapters tell the story of their dangerous quest, with twenty upgrades to follow each step of their journey
  3. Play fun, challenging match-3 puzzles to unlock each new upgrade and watch Dennis's story unfold
  4. Meet new characters and reunite with old friends as Dennis, Max, and Elera face the dark powers behind the kidnapping

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