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7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour

Build the Mysterious Wonders of Antiquity!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
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Game Description

Those tenacious little tectons are at it again! Workers Guild 7 has decided to toss aside their measly weekly pay checks and have formed a new company, 7 Wonders Incorporated. Now the guild must travel the world of mysterious antiquity to drum up the big money building contracts!

You can help these little entrepreneurs by erecting the 7 mystical wonders of the ancient world in this engaging match 3 challenge. Build wonders such as Shangri-la, Atlantis, and Camelot by matching 3 or more colorful runes in a column or row to earn construction materials! Matching 4 or more runes will give you special power-ups or decorations to complete your task.


But think quickly! Your building contracts are time sensitive and you must finish them before the clock stops ticking! Finish each wonder with 3 stars or more to unlock the hidden eighth wonder.

4 Modes of Play

7 Wonders: Magical Mystery Tour offers 4 modes of play. Choose from relaxing zen, get-it-done casual, expert worker bee, or “I need more medication” insane mode - it is all up to you. If you have to leave your game it's not a problem. Hit the save button to save your progress and return later to continue your game!

Stimulating Game Play

Match 3 or more colorful runes, in rows or columns, to earn construction material for your mysterious wonders. Create longer chains of runes to gain special runes that will assist you in clearing hard to match cells. Clear all of the cells on the board to release the Cornerstone Rune. Free the cells beneath the Cornerstone to move it to the bottom of the board.

When the Cornerstone falls through the bottom of the board you will be ready to construct your mysterious wonder! As you build your mystical monument you will be given unique power-ups that will help you through difficult boards.

When you match 3 or more runes of similar color through the indicated cell, you'll win keys to the mini games. Conquer these mini games and you will be given special decorations to adorn your mysterious masterpiece.


Make sure to watch the left side of your screen for special match-3 challenges! Match the runes on the board to the runes on the left to earn extra points! Finish all of your buildings with three stars or more to unlock the magical eighth wonder!

Hours of Engaging Fun

  • Colorful animated characters and background scenery
  • Challenging boards
  • 4 game modes to choose from
  • Exciting achievement awards when you least expect it
  • Fun mini games for special decorations

It's a Match!

Hop on board with Workers Guild 7 today and build the awe inspiring monuments of myth and legend of the ancient world!

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