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Punch Hero

Jab, Hook and Uppercut Your Opponents Into Submission with Touchscreen-Operated Boxing Controls!

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Game Description

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Welcome to the ring, new meat. Now get ready to be eaten alive. Punch Hero puts you into the gloves of a new boxer who’s ready to prove his worth in the ring. Beat your opponents into submission with your mighty fists while using catlike agility to dodge and deflect their own blows.

You may not start out with much at the beginning, but your skills and attacks will improve tremendously over time, assuming you survive in the ring long enough. You can also win the crowd over by dressing up in whatever duds you deem the most stylish.


It’s anything goes until the bell rings, so get ready to metaphorically kick some serious butt in Punch Hero!

Create Your New Contender

Everyone looks unique in real life. The boxers in Punch Hero are no different! There are a tremendous number of ways you can customize the appearance of your personal boxer. Keep at it long enough and he’ll stand out from the crowd in no time.

  • Pick from a variety of faces, hair styles, hair colors, skin colors, beards and torsos to give your punching hero a distinct identity.
  • Equip your fists with dozens of different gloves. Give your opponents something to remember before you punch their lights out!
  • Don any combination of stylish briefs, masks, shirts and shoes. Look good as you kick but and take names out there in the arena.

Pound Them In!

Punch Hero features intense boxing gameplay like nothing ever seen before on a mobile platform. With fast-paced action and revolutionary touchscreen controls, the joy of beating people up has gotten a whole lot sweeter.

  • Watch the fight unfold with hilariously cartoony and stylish 3D visuals.
  • Throw a hook or an uppercut by swiping your fingers around the screen in the direction that you want.
  • Jab your opponent with a simple tap.
  • Push the arrows on either side of the screen to weave in that direction. Act fast; you don’t even have a second to dodge.
  • Block to lessen the damage you take when an attack connects.
  • Hit your opponent in the head enough times and you just might make him too dizzy to fight back.

Get Stronger

As you play the game and climb the boxing ladder, the competition will get stiffer. If you want to keep up, you’ll have to hit the gym and spend your hard-earned winnings on new exercise regiments that will enhance your physical abilities in a great number of ways.

  • Increase the speed and strength of your jabs, hooks and uppercuts.
  • Upgrade your physical health to increase the amount of punishment you can take before keeling over.
  • Improve your mental health to recover from dazed states quicker.
  • Purchase dozens of skills that grant all sorts of special effects while you’re in the middle of an intense match.

There’s More Than One Way to Box

Punch Hero lets you test your skills in a variety of ways through its different game modes.


  • Play Arcade to go toe-to-toe against over 20 distinct boxers that grow increasingly more skillful.
  • Play Zombie mode to defeat a never-ending horde of undead boxers created by other players. Stay on your toes; they get progressively harder the further on you go.
  • Unlock the Arena mode to face the toughest challengers Punch Hero can throw at you.
  • Head over to the Challenger Registry to create a custom challenger for your boxer to take down. Give your challenger the face of your friends or enemies, and go to town beating them to a bloody pulp!

It’s a Knockout!

You will be hard-pressed to find a better boxing simulator for your smartphone than Punch Hero. It’s got the best boxing you can ever experience, responsive controls that are all executed via your touchscreen, and plenty of ways to upgrade how your boxer looks and fights.

Hone your skills to perfection via the game’s many modes of play and become the greatest boxer ever in Punch Hero!

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