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MiniGolf MatchUp

Experience the Most Miniature Game of Miniature Golf Ever!

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Game Description

An Even More Miniature Form of Golf

Nothing beats a beautiful and sunny day more than a family outing on the miniature golf course. It may not have the glory or pay that regular golf offers but it’s a lot cheaper to play and folks of all ages can enjoy it. The creative obstacles and whimsical ornaments have a charm of their own. Alas, sometimes a rainy day comes blowing in, ruining all hope of getting a good game going.

With Mini Golf MatchUp, that no longer has to be the case. Go online and pit your putting skills against another human player’s on the course of your choice from your favorite iOS or Android device. Can you keep up and stay under par like a pro or are you about to break your clubs in frustration? Download Mini Golf MatchUp and find out!


Easy to Learn, Easy to Play

Mini Golf MatchUp may not have any clubs for you to handle, but anyone who’s familiar with the simple game of miniature golf should be able to get the basics down. At the same time, it also throws in its own unique twists that make this edition of golf its own separate beast.

  • Play in five distinct courses with over 70 holes.
  • Use the game’s realistic physics to bounce the ball to where you want it to go.
  • “Hit” the ball with a few careful motions of your finger or stylus. Determine the power and direction of your hit by how far you pull back on it.
  • Place your ball anywhere you like in the marked starting area. Choose what the most strategic location will be.
  • Use as few hits as possible to get the ball into the hole.
  • Pinch your fingers together and apart to zoom the camera in and out.
  • Collect gems to acquire bonus points.
  • Pay attention to areas marked with arrows. These indicate inclines that alter the way the ball can roll.
  • Get past all sorts of wacky obstacles involving sand traps, hills, chasms, pools of water, pyramids, dinosaurs and more.

Get in the Community

Miniature golf is a competitive game in real life. Mini Golf MatchUp is no different. The name should tell you everything; this app has been designed from the ground up to make it easy to form a match with players all over the world.


  • Get a quick match going against a stranger with the easy-to-use matchmaking service.
  • Match up with your friends on Facebook to play a round of golf anytime you like.
  • Chat with your friends and opponents using the game’s built-in client.
  • Play multiple games at the same time.

A Hole in One!

Mini Golf MatchUp is far and away the best miniature golf simulation available for the iPhone, iPad and Android device. With its creative courses, realistic physics, charming visuals, and intuitive controls, it sinks whatever competition is out there like Tiger Woods. It’s also incredibly easy to get a game going with another player online, whether that be with a stranger, a friend or a family member.

Best of all, Mini Golf MatchUp can be downloaded for free. If you find yourself enjoying what it has to offer, then be on the lookout for new content in the future. Get it now and start putting today.

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