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Angry Birds Rio

Smash Things Up in this Crossover Between Angry Birds and Rio!

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Game Description

Rio de Janeiro Faces Their Wrath!

The Angry Birds are back and they’re heading for South America this time. Some dastardly bird smugglers have captured them and are planning to illegally sell them as exotic pets for a profit. Unfortunately for them, nothing stands in the way of the flock once it gets steamed.

Launch the birds from their always dependable slingshot, destroy the cages holding the other smuggled birds prisoner, fend off the pestering of Nigel the sulphur-crested cockatoo, and put an end to the operation once and for all. Team up with both Blu and Jewel from the 2010 animated film, Rio, and commit even more wanton destruction.


Improving Perfection

Angry Birds is already a fun and addictive experience, but Rio shows that you can always do better.

  • Features new and improved visuals with greater depth, more colors, and better animations.
  • Introduces exciting boss fights to the series.
  • Brings new environmental tricks to aid your destructive tendencies. Bounce birds and debris off of mushrooms, have Luiz the friendly bulldog clear out obstructions for you, and more!
  • Implements the whole gang from Rio into the story and/or the gameplay.

Meet the Birds

Angry Birds Rio is yet another bird-slinging game of destruction. It features the classic roster of avian artillery shells as well as a few new characters exclusive to Angry Birds Rio.

  • Use Red the red bird as an all-round projectile that’s capable of knocking most anything down with the right amount of force.
  • Launch Chuck the yellow bird and tap the screen to give him a burst of speed in mid-air. Use him to snipe tricky area and take out wooden materials.
  • Fire the blue siblings! Split them into three separate birds to destroy a wide range of objects, especially those made of glass.
  • Send out Bomb the black bird and blow him up like a bomb to send debris flying everywhere. If you want to clear out some metal, Bomb is your guy!
  • Shoot Matilda the white bird. Tap your screen while she’s in the air to have her lay an explosive egg on anything directly beneath her.
  • Load Blu the blue macaw into the slingshot and fire him with impunity. The poor guy still can’t fly, but his erratic spinning and flailing might come in useful
  • Sometimes, Blu and Jewel will come chained together. Tap the screen while they’re in midair to signal when the latter can start flapping her wings. She’ll fly in a straight line and wreck whatever she comes into contact with, dragging the hapless Blu along for the ride.

All New Targets and Enemies

You won’t find any Bad Piggies in Angry Birds Rio. They’re not native in this land and they don’t interest the smugglers anyway. In their stead, you’ll face a variety of other foes found nowhere else in the series.

  • Complete each level by destroying the cages holding your fellow birds prisoner. Don’t even think about leaving one locked up.
  • Face off against the marmoset minions of Nigel the bird-eating cockatoo. Although they may not have the pigs’ creativity, they’re a lot hardier; they can flip back onto their feet when knocked over, and are more durable against long falls.
  • Go head-to-head against Nigel himself in a series of epic boss battles! Hit his smug face enough while he flies erratically in the air to give him a much-deserved dirt nap.

Do Your Best!

Crushing marmosets and freeing birds is all well and good, but to get the most out of Angry Birds Rio, you’ll have to dig your heels in.


  • Use up as few birds as possible to increase your bonus score at the end of each level.
  • Levels are graded in stars. See if you can get a three-star grade on every level!
  • Gather dozens of golden tropical fruits that have been hidden away in each level. Collect them all to gain access to challenging bonus stages.

Get Ready to Fly

The Angry Birds series of games and the animated Rio film are a match made in Heaven! The heroes of both may not be able to fly, but they’re every bit as capable of entertaining us with their hilarious antics and super-bird feats.

With Angry Birds Rio, not only do you get another challenging physics-based artillery puzzler, but it comes wrapped up in a new skin that stands out even in the extensive Angry Birds franchise. If you like both Angry Birds and Rio, don’t miss this exciting crossover!

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