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Conquer the World in this Computerized Edition of the Classic Board Game!

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  • Play It On - Win XP/Vista/7


Game Description

A World Ripe for the Taking

Everyone knows about Risk, the classic board game of world conquest. It’s a game that encourages strategy, requiring you to think carefully about where you place your soldiers and how you distribute them. Many have fond memories of spending the wee hours of the night waging war against their friends’ armies all over the globe.

Unfortunately, as you grow older, it can get more and more difficult to gather a decent amount of people together to play it. That ends now with TurboRisk, an electronic edition of the old game that can be played from the comfort of your own computer!


Play Classic Risk

If you’re familiar with Risk, then you’ll be at home here since all of the classic rules apply with TurboRisk. The game begins with every player distributing his or her troops on the map. Players then take turns invading one another’s territories, with each climatic battle being determined by a roll of the dice.

There may be no dice involved in TurboRisk, but a random number generator simulates the process accurately and far more swiftly than you ever thought before.

Play against up to ten computer opponents.
Allows up to ten humans to play via hot-seat.
Trade in cards to gain access to more reinforcements.
Commence relatively safe standard invasions, or select the “Do or Die” option for more high-risk, high-reward engagements.

Computer Convenience

If Risk is known for anything, it’s that a single game can last for a very long time. Players know that keeping the board set up exactly as it was for days on end can be difficult. Thanks to its new electronic format, TurboRisk makes playing an extended game a much simpler process.

Save games at any point in time so they can be returned to at a later date.
Store multiple games on your hard drive at once.

Customize Your Game

Risk is a game that enjoys a flexible set of rules. TurboRisk allows the same thing, providing you options to make each game you play a unique experience.

Determine the number of players involved.
Set starting number of armies each player is assigned.
Position initial troops randomly on the board or by hand.
Set the maximum number of cards each player can hold.
Choose from a number of different board designs.
And more!


Completely Risk-Free

Whether you were a big fan of Risk in its heyday, or are interested in getting started right now, TurboRisk is most definitely worth a try. It updates the classic board game for the modern age by adding all new convenient amenities. Best of all, it’s completely free and available on PCs that use all Windows operating systems from 95 to 7.

There’s no need to wait, get out there and start conquering the world today!

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Fast Facts

  1. TurboRisk was released on January 1, 1999
  2. The current version of the game was released on September 8, 2010
  3. The game is developed and published by Mario Ferrari
  4. TurboRisk is currently only available for Windows and Linux
  5. Mario Ferrari was inspired to create TurboRisk after spending many hours playing WinRisk, which was developed by Steve Stancliff in 1992

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