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TrackMania Nations Forever

Make Daring Leaps and Drive through Loops in this Crazy Racing Game!

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Game Description

Giving Racers a Tune-Up

Have you found yourself growing board of racing games lately? Are you tired of running laps in those same old circles game after game after game? If so, then you need to get behind the wheel in Trackmania Nations Forever!

This is not your everyday racer; this is a game that hurls everyday conventions like safety out the window. You’ll blaze through some of the wildest, craziest and most downright impossible tracks ever conceived in a computer game!


Race Track Insanity

It’s no exaggeration that the tracks are absolutely insane. No racing course in the world would ever be able to imitate what these are capable of. Not only would no driver be able to survive them, but the laws of physics get violated so often, that it almost feels like you’re committing a felony just by using them. Words alone cannot describe the stunts you will undoubtedly experience.

  • Make daring leaps over treacherous chasms.
  • Blast through narrow, twisting tracks at high speeds.
  • Drive through massive and disorienting loop-de-loops.
  • Avoid traps and pitfalls that open up in the tracks.
  • Drive vertically up the walls.
  • And more!

A Lot to Keep You Occupied

If Trackmania Nations Forever is lacking something, it most certainly isn’t content. Out of the box, the game provides more material than you’ll know what to do with. Without a doubt, the most difficult part to the game will be putting it down.

  • Unlock over 60 unique tracks.
  • Play alone and earn medals by beating the three best times for each track.
  • Play online and race against other players all over the world.
  • Climb the leader board for every available track and show everyone what you’re made of.
  • Test your driving skills in the fiendishly difficult Platform mode.
  • Watch and save video replays of your favorite moments.

Design Your Own Content

There’s already plenty of insanity to find here, but just like the gameplay, Trackmania never lets up. It includes a variety of tools that let you create your own content. If the base game feels a little too sober for you, make something wackier.


  • Features sophisticated editing tools that are flexible and easy-to-learn.
  • Build your own gravity-defying tracks. Add boosters, loops, leaps, half-pipes and more!
  • Download and unlock thousands of user-made tracks online. Race through them alone or against other people.
  • Paint your cars! Create distinctive patterns and color schemes for every component of your vehicles. Make something that will truly stand out from the crowd.

Achieving First Place!

What does Trackmania Nations Forever have going for it? The answer is simple: challenging, fast-paced and off-the-walls crazy racing, simple and creative level-building tools, never-ending replay value, and graphics that look crisp and run smoothly even on low-end systems.

If you enjoy racing games, the prudent question you should ask yourself is: “What does it not have going for it?”

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