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Space Quest 2

Protect Planet Xenon and Defeat Evil Space Aliens in This Exciting Adventure Game!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 472 MB
  • Play It On - Win XP/Vista/7
  • Game Created By - Infamous Adventures


Game Description

An Adventure Game With a Sense of Humor

At its heart, Space Quest 2 is a fantastically campy space adventure that mocks itself at frequent intervals. The game's heroic protagonist is named Roger Wilco, and he is a space janitor with a heart of gold. The main antagonist of the game is the nefarious Sludge Vohaul, leader of the Sarien masses.

As you play through the game, objects and settings are explained to you when investigated. This voice frequently makes humorous observations and remarks. Half the fun of interacting with the places and spaces within the game screen is the voice of the phantom guide.


The main plot of the game is humorous as well, with the diabolical plot of Vohaul involving genetically modified door-to-door life insurance salesmen. What could be more evil and sinister than that?

Use Your Wits and Navigate Through Strange New Worlds

The game allows you to toggle through several different options for interacting with the current game screen. Choices include:

  • Eye: Look closely and examine specific regions of the screen. Examining the objects in each screen carefully is key to success in this game.
  • Nose: Gather valuable information based on the scent of an object or area.
  • Hand: Reach out and touch the world around you. Gather useful items to store in your inventory.
  • Mouth: Taste or eat something, but use care when doing so!
  • Talk: Converse with the creatures and people around you.
  • Walk: Move all over the environment, but watch your step! Big falls, traps and other dangers can kill your character.

Figuring out how to clear each area presents a challenging puzzle that takes time to figure out. Frequent game saves are critical, since much of the game requires wild experimentation to see what works.

Richly Detailed Backgrounds and Graphics

This well loved classic has been freshly revamped and modernized with up to date graphics, backgrounds and menus. The result is visually pleasing and easier to play, with backgrounds and settings that are easier to interact with.


Animations have also been overhauled with care and attention to detail, making this remake a major improvement over its predecessor.


Space Quest 2 is an action packed adventure game with a comedic twist that provides hours of memorable, challenging puzzle gameplay. It's sure to appeal to players of the original game and new players alike!

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