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Quick Bridge

Place Bids, Play Tricks, and Work with a Partner!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
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Game Description

A Good Place to Learn and Practice a Complex Game

Contract bridge, otherwise known as bridge, can be a really tough game for a beginner to wrap his or her head around. New players can potentially be confused by all the concepts of trick-taking, bidding and partnerships getting dumped on them all at once. Worse, it requires four people to play properly, so even those familiar with the card game might not find themselves getting as many opportunities as they would like to enjoy it.

Fortunately, that’s where Quick Bridge enters the picture. It lets you play a quick game of contract bridge all by yourself with an AI partner and two computer opponents. If you’re a beginner, then you can easily learn all the nuances of the game with it.


Meanwhile, if you’re an experienced player, then you can improve your chances to sweep victory after victory the next time you and your buddies get together for a friendly game!

Start the Bidding!

As to be expected from any good game of contract bridge, play begins with an auction to determine the terms of the titular contract. All proper terms of bridge are in place here.

Bid as low as two clubs or as high as seven spades.
Bid, double, redouble or pass, just like in normal bridge.
Bid on a strain if you feel so inclined.
Bids determine the role you’ll take for the remainder of the game.

Play Multiple Roles

Contract bridge is famous for the different tasks each individual player is assigned. Quick Bridge does not stint in this department, because you can play them all!

Play as the declarer to take control of the flow of the game. Openly access two hands worth of cards.
Play as the dummy to take a passive role as an observer in the game. Watch the actions of your partner and opponents to get a feel for the best strategies.
Take the role of a regular player. Attempt to subvert the machinations of the declarer by working closely with your AI partner.


Stay Tuned for More

Quick Bridge is completely free and available to a wide number of platforms, including Macs and every Windows operating system from 95 to 7. Better yet, the game is always receiving regular updates that add cool new features to make playing contract bridge a more fun and convenient experience.

If you just can’t get enough of the trick-taking card game of bridge, or feel you need some more practice, then don’t hesitate for another minute! Quick Bridge is waiting for you!

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