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Out of Order

A humorous adventure in the tradition of Maniac Mansion

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Game Description

You Wake Up in A Strange World....

Hurford is a somewhat average music loving teen - who still happens to like animal slippers.

One night a storm hits and Hurford finds himself transported to an incredibly odd world where citizens of many planets are made to think everything is simply OK. However, Hurford refuses to believe the propaganda and is determined to find the cause of his unexpected relocation and imprisonment.


Out of Order is a brilliant point and click adventure with humurous dialogue, colorful characters, and challenging puzzles right up to the very end. You'll help Hurford navigate "The Town" and with the help of other characters, and of course items you pick up along the way, expose the secret of the myserious "Panel" who controls The Town and its citizens.

A Lot of Laughs

From Hurford's sarcasm to an alien doctor with a lisp, you'll get quite a few chuckles from Out of Order. The game doesn't take itself seriuosly and loves to throw in a few cracks about adventure games and computer game addicts along the way. Although challenging and at times nerve wracking, the puzzles are clever and will give you a sense of accomplishment when you figure them out.


High Quality Free Gaming

You will notice from the begining that Out of Order really stands out for a freeware game. Considering these are folks who spend their free time working on these games in small numbers without funding, you'll be really impressed with the level of quality here.

If you love adventure games, especially LucasArts classics like the Maniac Mansion series or Sam and Max, Out of Order is right up your alley.

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