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Explore, Scavenge, Fight and Survive on a Remote and Dangerous Alien World!

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Game Description

Shipwrecked in Space!

Today just hasn’t been your day. While aboard a spaceship mapping out the unknown corners of the galaxy, you come across an interesting find: a planet that’s not only teeming with life, but also contains signs of an ancient civilization. Looks like you’ve stumbled across the discovery of the century!

Unfortunately, the ship is suddenly shot down with a missile. With no other choice, you hop into one of the escape pods and careen down to the planet. You thankfully survive, but now you’re all alone on an uncharted world with dangerous creatures, hostile weather, and only a day’s worth of food on hand.


If you want to have any chance of getting back home, you’re going to need to learn how to survive in this brave new world known only as Notrium.

Choose Your Race

The galaxy is populated by a wide assortment of intelligent races. Notrium features four to play as, each with their own distinctive strengths, weaknesses and play styles.

  • Play as a human and use a huge variety of weapons and tools to survive the treacherous domain.
  • Play as a predatory alien. Rely on your quick speed and sharp claws to tear your enemies to pieces. Grow stronger over time!
  • Play as an android and learn how to withstand great hazards with your durable body.
  • Play as a psionic and unleash awesome psychic power to conquer the challenges you will undoubtedly face.

Struggle for Survival

Wilderness survival is difficult no matter what kind of planet you’re on. If your stomach isn’t growling at you in demand of a tasty meal, then it will likely be one of the many hungry aliens you encounter. It’s going to take a lot of creativity and guts to survive in the world of Notrium.

  • Keep yourself fed by foraging and hunting for food.
  • Fight a variety of dangerous creatures, including animalistic aliens, hostile indigenous tribes and more.
  • Light fires to cook food and stay warm.
  • Seek shelter to shield yourself from hazardous weather.
  • Build an assortment of weapons and devices using whatever you can scavenge. Create ray guns, shotguns, item-detecting radios, food replicating devices, battery chargers and more!

Endless Replay Value

The game of Notrium is much like outer space: vast and full of infinite possibilities.


  • Play on a different planet with every new game you play.
  • Includes three levels of difficulty.
  • Multiple endings available for all four characters.
  • Experience a nonlinear adventure. Do whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want!

Roger This

Anyone who’s in the market for a unique science fiction game should seriously consider giving this title a look. With a large world to explore, endless gizmos to fabricate, countless aliens to hunt, and infinite ways to play, there’s a lot to keep you occupied. It also won’t break the bank, considering it’s completely free.

Launch yourself to where no man has gone before: Notrium!

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