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New Star Soccer 5

Turn a Rookie into an All Star Soccer Player!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 41 MB
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Game Description

Living the Dream

Have you ever had any dreams about growing up to be a professional athlete? Of course you have. Everyone’s always wanted that at some point in their lives. Unfortunately, the world of professional sports is fiercely competitive. Only a few are ever able to make the cut.

Thankfully, for whoever dreamed about making it as a soccer player, the New Star Soccer series comes to deliver the next best thing.


Design Your Player

Every successful career begins with just one promising new recruit. In New Star Soccer 5, you are that recruit and it’s up to you to decide what kind of player you will be.

  • Design the appearance of your character.
  • Choose a position you want play. Play as a defender, midfielder or forward player at the left, center or right side of the field.
  • Play for over 100 different nationalities, leagues, teams and clubs, each of which have their own different uniforms.

Play the Game

New Star Soccer 5 offers a fast-paced simulation of the actual game. You may only have control of your one player, but the things you can do with him are nigh limitless!

  • Control every action of your player on the field. Play as offensively, defensively or deceptively as you like.
  • Pass and receive the ball to and from your teammates.
  • Shoot the ball using as much force as you need
  • Call for the ball to be passed your way. Do a good job and your teammates will be more apt to heed your words in the future!
  • Tackle opposing players to knock them down and steal the ball.
  • Improve seven statistics over the course of your career: pacing, flair, dribbling, shooting, tackling, passing and heading.

Win Over the Crowd

Like most businesses out there, New Star Soccer 5 has you begin at the bottom. It won’t be glamorous, but if you manage to prove to everyone just how awesome you can be on the field, you’ll advance through the ranks and achieve more prominence in the world of soccer.


  • Begin as a lowly substitute player and advance all the way up to the team captain.
  • Get performance reviews from your boss between each game.
  • Catch the attention of sponsors to achieve all sorts of perks, including money, boots, kneepads and more!

Be Prepared

Playing a good game is not all there is to making it as a professional athlete. Sometimes, you might need to make a few strategic pre-game preparations.

  • Purchase an assortment of items to help you between each game, including energy drinks, booze and performance-enhancement drugs. Be careful; there’s a drawback for every bonus they offer.
  • Skip games if you so choose, but beware of disappointing the team.

A Worthy Goal

New Star Soccer 5 mixes the elements of an action game with that of a simulation to deliver an experience like no other. Anyone who loves soccer needs to get this game now!

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