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Marble Arena 2

Experience the Marble Craziness!

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  • What's Free - Play game for 60 minutes.
  • File Size - 110 MB
  • Play It On - Win XP/Vista/7
  • Game Created By - Brightside Entertainment


Game Description

Marble Arena 2 is a fast paced, action packed game that the entire family can enjoy. Beautiful graphics and precise physics come together to create a game that's one-of-a-kind.

50 Levels of Fun and Chaos

This game is enormous, with 50 challenging levels to keep you busy for the long haul. The levels are unlocked sequentially one after the other, which eliminates the temptation to skip out on particularly challenging levels. The result is an engaging puzzle game with long lasting appeal.


Great Gameplay

This game puts you in control of a humble little marble trying to make its way through various levels. This marble is equipped with a zapper that automatically hits nearby stars. Collecting stars gives you the energy required to pass each level, and you must navigate through many different obstacles in order to collect them all. This gameplay sounds simple enough, but each level has unique and surprising challenges guaranteed to keep players on their toes!

Different surfaces impact the physics of your marble considerably. Navigate through levels of ice, sand, tarmac, grass and more.

Powerful Power-ups

The physics of the marble's movements can be completely changed by power-ups found in the game. Look for the following boosts:

  • Ultra Jump: Soar to new heights with double the jumping power.
  • Ultra Speed: Roll around at twice the normal rolling speed.
  • Mega Zapper: Dramatically increases zapper range for a limited time.
  • Ultra Grip: Gives all surfaces the super grip of tarmac, including the air itself!

Multiplayer Mayhem

Everything is better with a friend. Marble Arena 2 allows you to host your own game server or join someone else's party for an excellent multiplayer experience.

Customize It!

Marble Arena 2 lets you play your way. Upgrading your marble lets you customize to suit your own unique playing style. As you make your way through levels and earn points, buy upgrades in grip, jump force, size, speed and even lives to make the game better than ever.

In addition to functional modifications, the game offers 30 different richly textured skins to create your marble's own unique look.

Controls are also completely customizable. Experiment to find the keys and controls that work best for you.

Are you feeling daring enough to create your own custom levels? Marble Arena 2 lets you build your own levels from the ground up. Tutorials and community support help players get started creating and sharing their own custom level creations!


Add More Maps

You can download additional map packs for Marble Arena 2, giving this game almost unlimited replay value.

Marble Arena 2 is a family friendly puzzle platform game featuring unique levels and fun physics based gameplay that is both entertaining and challenging. It is guaranteed to provide hours of colorful fun!

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