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Kiki the Nanobot

Wrap Your Mind Around Amazing 3D Puzzles and Help Kiki Restore the Master Control!

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Game Description

A Robot on a Mission

Something has gone amiss in the nano world. What was once a happy realm of tiny robots has now become a desolate wasteland full of danger and destruction.

Nano robots were once generated by the creator in order to go and gather resources for the creation of more robots. But then one day the master control fell prey to a parasitic capacity that corrupted it, leading to the creation of insane destroyer robots. In the end, only one sane robot remained.


Your job is to guide Kiki the Nanobot through difficult puzzles in order to restore the maker. The nano world depends on it.

Amazing 3D Landscape and Physics

The nano world consists of a cube shaped grid that resembles a holodeck. Kiki has her own sense of gravity and will stick to the walls and ceiling. The gravity remains oriented to the last side of the space Kiki touched. Jumping on floating objects will make Kiki stick to them and enable you to reach different obstacles.

No two levels are alike, and each level requires a unique approach in order to clear it.

Challenging Puzzles Test Your Spatial Reasoning

The puzzles in Kiki the Nanobot deliver a satisfying challenge to even the seasoned puzzle fan. It is easy to get turned around in the 3D space! Items can be manipulated and they can fall, but be careful where you put them. Improper placement will keep you from solving the puzzle.

Some items can be activated by hitting the enter key near them. The items have various functions that either help or hinder your progress through the level. A level is cleared when the exit is activated.


Built in Help Menu Offers Clues When Needed

If you happen to feel stuck on a level, the game itself can help. Hit the ESC button and scroll down to the Help option. The help section provides detailed information on the current level you're on, helping you to beat it. The game doesn't actually give you the answer, meaning that you can use the help function without spoiling the level.

Kiki the Nanobot is a unique puzzle game unlike any other. Prepare to think in 3 dimensions! For anyone who enjoys a good puzzle game, this is a must play.

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