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Steer a boat and sink the enemy fleet.

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

Better than average but has some noticeable flaws.


  • Unique boat themed arcade style shooter.
  • Completely free.
  • Several modes of play to challenge you like dual play mode.


  • Bullets that are shaped similar to your boat can make it difficult to locate your boat.
  • Not much variety to levels and enemies.




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Game Description

Are you ready to hear these guns ROAR?

If you're at all into shoot-'em up games, Gunroar will be a fantastic (and FREE!) addition to your playtime arsenal. In this vertically scrolling game you control a gunboat with only one objective: destroy or be destroyed!

Gunroar's pace is both fun and frenzied, which makes it one of the best 360-degree freeware shooters out today.


Go hit the waters and let your guboat ROAR!

  • Getting Started:
  • Unpack, and run 'gr.exe'
  • Press the Enter key until it says Mouse on the left side of the screen
  • Press the left mouse key to start. Control your boat with the W - (Forward) A - (Left) S - (Right) and D (Down) keys or use the arrow keys. Shoot with the left mouse and control your aim with the mouse.
  • Press Esc to quit the game

Gunroar Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Mick

Gunroar doesn't offer cutting edge graphics or in-depth gameplay, but it does provide arcade style shooter action, absolutely free. In this boat themed shooter you have to navigate the river destroying enemy ships that will endlessly fire on you.

Very Basic Shooter

There is no story to follow in this game, just an unlimited stream of enemy ships to blow up and a river to navigate. Ships of varying size and fire power await you as you progress farther and farther up the river. Turrets will also be stationed along the way. Various land masses must be navigated around to shoot the ships or turrets on the other side. A timer at the top left of the screen will also count down the time until you encounter a boss ship. You will repeat this process over and over until you have used up your three lives.


Easy to Control

The game is fairly straight forward and easy to play. Controlling your ship varies by which mode you play and what kind of input devices you have. In mouse mode the arrow keys control movement of your ship while you aim and fire with the mouse.

2 Player Option

Double Play requires that you control two boats independently. You won't have to fire, but you must navigate with both boats. This option also provides the opportunity to play with a friend, each controlling a separate boat. You also have the option of using a joystick or the keyboard only to control your boat. There are two options for shooting: you can shoot a straight shot or a spread shot. The spread shot does less damage but covers more area. Each time you destroy an enemy you earn points. You also receive a point multiplier—the faster you progress, the higher the multiplier.


Attack of the Geometric Sameness!

The graphics aren't great, but only cause one problem. Your boat is triangular in shape and is similar in size to the projectiles that are fired at you. It's possible to lose sight of your boat in the confusion of battle. Other than that, the graphics don't detract from the game at all.
This game doesn't offer a lot of variety. The game is one continuous level that goes on till you lose all three lives. There are a minimal number of enemies to blow up. The only real objective is to make it as far as you can and get a high score.

Conclusion - A Decent Free Time Waster

While Gunroar won't provide hours on end of entertainment, it will entertain you in short bursts as you strive for the high score. Double Play will challenge you or let you play with a friend. The repetitive nature of the game will limit its playability and audience. If you are a fan of old arcade style games like Space Invaders then you will like this game. This game is definitely worth the download since it is free.

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Prepare yourself! This preview is almost as action packed as if you were playing the game yourself!

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