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Food Force

Complete six full-length missions to help put an end to world hunger!

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Game Description

Simulate real relief efforts in Food Force

A major crisis has developed in the Indian Ocean and the United Nations is sending you on a mission to help feed the millions of people who are going without food!

Start by scoping out the problem with an air assessment and then start building a plan to resolve the glaring issues. Move from seeing the problems to doing strategic drops to solve the problem and finally build a long range farming plan to keep the people well fed. The goal is simple... help free people from the pangs of hunger.


A great kids game with a great message!

Are you tired of seeing your kids playing games that have questionable content and even worse, teach bad values? Food force is definately an exception to the shoot em up games out there. Designed by the United Nations, the premise of the game is to try and stop world hunger by strategic planning (though luck seems to be a bigger contributer to success than skill at times...)

You will find your kids will enjoy trying to figure out ways to make sure everyone can eat. The game is pretty large, so make sure you have a good connection before downloading.

Download Food Force today for your kids and begin more dialogue about important themes such as love, respect and generosity.

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