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Eastside Hockey Manager

Assemble Your Dream Team and Rise to the Championship of the NHL!

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Game Description

The Ice Rink of Honor

Ice hockey is by far one of the most intensive sports to watch. On a field of slick ice, grown men battle for dominance of a single black puck. Said puck is often sent flying into the air at a velocity of over a hundred miles an hour, with only a lone and heavily armored goalie lying between it and another point for his opposing team.

In short, hockey is fast, furious and fantastic; any job related to it would surely be filled with excitement and drama. Unfortunately, not all of us can get involved with the game.


Thankfully, Eastside Hockey Manager offers the next best thing by letting you take control of your own team in the National Hockey League. Do you think you have what it takes to win the Stanley Cup? There’s only one way to find out!

Making the Dream Team Come True

Hockey is a sport built for the big and the bad. If you want to measure up to any of the league’s big players, then you’ll have to enlist the biggest, baddest players you can afford. Eastside Hockey Manager provides you ample opportunity to assemble the most killer team on ice.

  • Manage your choice of hundreds of real life hockey teams, from the San Jose Sharks to the Ottawa Senators.
  • Draft your favorite people from an extensive database of over 3000 players.
  • Pour over dozens of player statistics, including speed, hitting, deking, teamwork, aggression and more.
  • Hire coaches to train your team and keep it at the top of its game.

Plan Your Strategy

You got your team and you got your players. The only thing you need now is a solid game plan. There are many elements of strategy required to win a round of hockey; Eastside Hockey Manager gives you all of them!


  • Set your players’ starting positions in the rink.
  • Leave instructions for your players to follow in specific circumstances. Determine how they will fore-check, back-check, hit, shoot and more!
  • Watch the game unfold in real time. Speed it up, pause it, check for highlights, view instant replays, watch all your hard work come to fruition, and see where your strategy needs work.
  • Manage things yourself or defer to your coaches.

Behold Your Champion!

As a sport management simulator, Eastside Hockey Manager is a fierce competitor. As a hockey team manager, it reigns absolutely supreme. Few other titles in the genre approach the level of detail afforded here. This is made doubly impressive by the fact that it’s also completely free!

Fans of the NHL should absolutely not miss Eastside Hockey Manager; it’s a winner through and through!

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