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Flight of the Amazon Queen

Save a famous actress and a tribe of Amazon women from an evil plot.

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

Better than average but has some noticeable flaws.


  • Very lengthy game.
  • Dialogue has moments of humor.
  • Simple music and effects, but both work with the game.


  • Game control menu grows bothersome rather quickly.
  • Some tasks to perform are on the weird side.




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Game Description

Classic Adventure Game With a Great Sense of Humor

The year is 1949. You are Joe King, a struggling airline pilot in South America. Trouble starts when Joe decides to fly actress Faye Russel to a distant location where she is expected to start filming her latest movie.

Thanks to a huge thunderstorm they soon find themselves stranded in the vast jungle of the Amazon where a sinister plot involving a German lederhosen company and an ancient tribe of Amazon women begins.


This is a point and click adventure similar to LucasArts classics Monkey Island or Maniac Mansion. Explore and look at every item, you never know when you'll need to complete the quest.

Important Instructions

This game needs the ScummVM emulator to run on modern computers. ScummVM is a legal emulator designed to play older games with permission from the game creators.

  1. Download ScummVM and install
  2. Download Flight of the Amazon Queen (click our download button above) and extract files to a folder on your computer
  3. Open ScummVM, choose Add Game and navigate in it to where you extracted the game files
  4. Click on game files and select
  5. Once game is added and highlighted, choose Start to begin playing.

Flight of the Amazon Queen Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Sara

Made to mimic cliff-hanger adventure films of the forties and fifties, Flight of the Amazon Queen begins with you bound one minute and thirty seconds away from an explosive detonation in an airplane hanger!

Stranded in the Amazon With Prissy Movie Star

A freelance pilot, you have been hired to escort a famous and beautiful movie star to South America for a photo shoot, but things go horribly array both prior to and following your departure. Once you manage to escape capture from a notorious thug, ascension is made for the Amazon, but a terrible plan crash leaves you stranded with a wasted plane, a pampered primadonna and no means of repair.


Some of the Puzzles are a Bit Too Odd

On your rather lengthy journey you stumble upon a mess of oddball characters who slowly aid in your perils by providing a series of random tasks to complete, such as helping to locate a lost princess. Every task in this feature involves multiple components for completion, some of which are outlandish and weird, making them difficult to uncover. For example, using a vacuum cleaner in the absence of electricity to clear a swarm of wasps or making a rash potion with “the hair of a slow moving climber, milk from a sacred site, and something to give it a little buzz.” Many players will find some of the tasks difficult to solve because of their odd natures, but other tasks are more straightforward such as collecting flowers to present to the lovely Naomi. T

A Few Funny Moments

he dialogue itself can be particularly amusing, such as a “phantom primate” that speaks English and has the ability to apparate and shape shift. Sound effects and music are very simple electronically produced loops but they fit the game well and provide some needed background.

Older Game, A Bit Tougher to Control

The menu that controls game movement becomes tedious almost instantly as right clicking to change functions is disabled so you must click on each action button every time you wish to use it. In addition, there is no game menu so function keys, such as CTRL + S to save, are used for everything which will be troublesome to newer computer users accustomed to point-and-click menus.


Conclusion - If You Have the Patience and Skill, You May Be Rewarded

On the whole, Flight of the Amazon Queen is a good adventure game due primarily to its length and uniqueness of tasks, but some users will undoubtedly find it too difficult and will grow tired with its impressive length.

Ultimately, this game is only recommended to die hard adventure gamers.

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Gameplay Video

Flight Of The Amazon Queen was a graphical point-and-click adventure game done by Interactive Binary Illusions in 1995. Check it out here!

 Video of game play for Flight of the Amazon Queen


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