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The Game of Life

If You Loved the Board Game, You Will Love This PC Version With Great Animated Graphics!

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We're sorry but we are no longer able to offer a download for this game.


Game Description

Hasbro has discontinued this older version of the game but you can find the latest version here

The Classic Career and Family Game!

Go to college, choose a career, get married, start a family, buy a house, and retire - the player with the highest net worth at the end of the game is the winner.

Sound familiar? It's The Game of Life, one of the top board games of all time, and now you can bring it to your computer!


It's just like the The Game of Life board game, only better! The Game of Life has lots of new and improved features you won't get with the board game, or with other, less complete computer versions.

Without long setup times, lost pieces, and tedious cleanup, you're free to have a great time playing!

Comes With TWO Excellent Versions - Classic and Enhanced!

For all you traditionalists out there, the Classic Board Game mode of The Game of Life plays exactly like the board game you love, down to the smallest details.

For a new Life experience, try out the Enhanced Game mode! Instead of receiving life tiles throughout the game, play "Life's Little Games," a variety of mini games which give you the chance to earn extra cash!

Should you be a little rusty, The Game of Life also includes a comprehensive "HELP!" section which tells you all about the rules for both versions.

It's The Game of Life, Brought to Life!

Everything about the game, from the board to the characters to the famous rainbow spinner, is illustrated and animated with 3D graphics.

Each square you might land on prompts a short and fun animated sequence. Even the background music fits perfectly - as you move along from the 1950s to the 2000s, it changes to suit the time period. Of course, you have the option to turn music and animations off should you choose to do so.

Experience All the Stops on Life's Winding Road

Begin by choosing your character's name and looks, and the decisions only get tougher from there! Will you become a lawyer, accountant, police officer, or perhaps an artist?

Play the stock market, buy auto or home insurance - it's all up to you. You can even exact revenge on other players when you land on a "PAYDAY"square!

The Game of Life has great replay value, because with all the twists and turns it has to offer, no two games you play will be the same.

Loved by Generations, It's the Definition of a Family-Friendly Game!

Just like the board game, you can play The Game of Life anytime with up to 5 friends and family.


UN-like the board game, you can also play The Game of Life anytime by yourself, against up to 5 computer players!

  • "This game was awesome. It has great graphics. My family has the board game but we like the computer version so much better because when you are playing you feel like you are in the action. Also you get to pick your own unique person." - Alisha Mitchell, Game of Life Player

Simply put, The Game of Life is one of the best family games ever created, and it strives to retain every bit of the wide appeal and charm of the board game. It's great for almost any age, so give The Game of Life a try. You'll be lovin' life!

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