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Billionaire 2

Monopoly like game with stock market, take overs of property and new building options!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

Better than average but has some noticeable flaws.


  • Real Estate board game that lets you build both properties but also stock options in different companies.
  • The properties you buy are public companies that make money through the stock market
  • You can buy bonds and earn interest on cash.
  • You can build different buildings on your properties ranging from inexpensive houses to mulit-million dollar buildings.


  • The game is too complex for younger players.
  • Information is not organized in as clear of a manner as it could be.
  • There is too much going on making it hard to succeed.
  • The option to buy and sell stocks is hard to figure out.




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Game Description

A More Complex Monopoly

Billionaire 2 is a fantastic real estate game that takes the basics of Monopoly much further as to create a new, and superior computer board game.

The basic idea of Billionaire 2 is like Monopoly. You move your piece around a game board and grab certain properties. When you own all of the same color, you are then free to build and collect rent.


Lots of Ways to Get Rich

What this game has over Monopoly is the variety of ways to earn wealth. Not only can you buy property, but you can buy stock in the affiliated company (each property has a corresponding company) that goes up and down in a very realistic stock market. You can also buy bonds, earn interest on cash and bonds, sell stock for profit, and land on the various bonus spaces. Another great feature is the ability to conduct hostile take overs of other players' properties!

Building options are also much more advanced than the regular Monopoly game. You can buy several types of buildings ranging from inexpensive houses to multi-million dollar construction projects. How much you spend determines on how much rent you will get back.

Billionaire 2 is an excellent game and highly recommended, especially the full version of the game where you can play several game types, opportunity to take over any property, and sell bonds and contruction projects. You can play with up to 4 human or computer players which makes a great family game. Billionaire 2 is a must for Monopoly lovers everywhere!

Billionaire 2 Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Dylan

Billionaire 2 is a real estate board game, similar to Monopoly, that has you buying, developing, and selling properties to make a profit. You start by purchasing properties. Once you have all the properties of a particular color you develop them. The better developed your properties are the more rent your competitors will have to pay when they land on your spaces. Billionaire isn't about luck, rather it's about strategic planning and smart business deals. If you are clever with your money and you expand your businesses, you will become a billionaire and win.

Monopoly on Steroids

Billionaire 2 is a turn based game, meaning you take turns with your competitors and you can only do business when it is your turn. Your turn begins with a roll (there are dice in the bottom left corner which you click on to roll). After clicking the dice, you advance your piece the number of spaces you rolled. The game layout and basics are very similar to Monopoly. There are 48 different spaces on the board, each being either a property, a fiscal reward, or a penalty.


The properties differ in Monopoly in that they are not just properties you own. Each property is a public company listed on the stock market. The companies you acquire determine you salary, and if their stocks are successful, they give you more money than they are initially worth. Like Monopoly the different game pieces move clockwise around the board and each lap pays your salary, which changes throughout the course of the game. Buying properties, building developments, and trading stock must be completed on you turn before you roll.

Different Game Modes Provide Different Goals for Winning

Billionaire 2 offers several playing modes that have similar game play, yet differ slightly. Mostly the objective changes. In timed mode you select a length of time for play. The person with the most total equity when the time is up wins the game and enters the Hall of Fame. Other game modes are races to earning money. These are more time consuming and are more reliant on buying a lot of properties and developing them wisely. You might have to race to be the first Billionaire, which is a challenge if you do not build your enterprise wisely.

All the different game modes allow you to play against your friends. This is a nice touch and adds a sense of competition you cannot get by just playing the computer.


High Degree of Complexity

With the advanced nature this game presents comes a lot of confusion. Billionaire 2 is a complex game that explores the stock market, bonds, and investments. Though these are some of the better features of the game, they are hard to figure out and require previous business knowledge. These features make the game very niche specific, limiting the audience to business knowledgeable players.

Conclusion - For More Advanced, Business-Oriented Players

Billionaire 2 is a complex real estate board game. If you are a fan of Monopoly, but are looking for a more complex game, this is the perfect game for you. However, if you want a simple and easy to play real estate game, you should keep looking. The inclusion of the stock market, investments, and bonds adds a fun element, but is complex and difficult to figure out. This limiting nature makes the game more for older players, especially those who enjoy investing and the stock market.

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