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Star Defender

Classic Galaga style shooter with great powerups and tough end bosses!

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Game Description

Star Defender is a simple, but very fun shooter game. The idea is somewhat like the classic Space Invaders with waves of attacking ships. Fight through these hoardes with 5 different gun powerups and very powerful rockets. Get through a set of attack waves and you will duke it out with a tough end boss.

A few tips to help you on your way:


  1. Control and fire of the ship is with your mouse.
  2. Be sure to use your rockets (right mouse button) often as you have a lot of them and they can clear out enemies fast.
  3. Grab as many powerup icons as possible.
  4. When you reach the first end boss, pound him with rockets and you will destroy him in no time.
  5. Have a blast!

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Fast Facts

  1. Star Defender was released on November 24, 2002
  2. The game was developed and published by Awem Studio
  3. It was only released on the Windows platform
  4. Star Defender is the first in a series of arcade-style space shooters. The other games in the series include Star Defender II (2005), Star Defender III (2006) and Star Defender 4 (2007)
  5. The game was heavily influenced by coin operated classics such as Space Invaders and Galaga
  6. There are 100 levels of aliens to defeat
  7. Awem Studio develops and publishes casual video games across multiple platforms, including mobile devices. Some of their better-known titles include the tile-matching games The Cradle of Rome, Cradle of Egypt and Cradle of Persia

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