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Ricochet Lost Worlds

Mind blowing sound and graphics, incredible gameplay, and the coolest powerups you have ever seen!

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Game Description

Ricochet Lost Worlds takes the incredibly innovative play of Ricochet Extreme and brings it to such a higher level it is almost out in deep space.

  • "Fantastic!!!! I Liked the first RICOCHET. It was one of my favorites. This second one RICOCHET LOST WORLDS is just unbelievably addictive." - John William Jarr, Ricochet Lost Worlds Player

All the cool powerups from the original game are here - 8 balls flying at once, ball catcher, laser guns, and rockets. But add to that the coolest powerups ever seen in a game like this - balls that shoot lasers, block-seeking stinger missiles, EMP blasts, ball generators and more - and this is by far the best Breakout / Arkanoid game ever invented.


Not only are the powerups just one of the innovative additions to Ricochet Lost Worlds, there is now a "ring game" where you can collect gold rings on each levels for bonus points and extra balls. There are 4 new worlds that are absolutely incredible - complete with moving blocks, warps, hidden rings, amazing formations, and more secrets waiting to be found. The game even adds a level editor where you can make your own games!

Add on top of that incredibly awesome sound, crystal clear graphics, awesome level design and you have a mega hit in the making! OK, I really can't say any more about this game, you just have to play it for yourself and you will be as excited as I am!

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