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Insaniquarium Deluxe

Get in on the One-of-a-Kind Craziness and Hilarity of Insaniquarium Deluxe!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A perfect game, playing this will send you to gaming heaven!


  • Joyously addicting.
  • Vibrant and alluring graphics.
  • Fast paced multi-tasking that is strangely invigorating.


  • Occasionally strange and somewhat disturbing sound effects.




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Game Description

Insaniquarium Deluxe is Truly the "Insane Aquarium" Game!

In the arcade-style game Insaniquarium Deluxe, you're the owner of a brand spanking new aquarium, with the task of raising and taking care of your very own fish!

Begin your game by purchasing some small guppies. Feed them to help them grow, and once they reach a certain size they'll start dropping coins for you to grab. Collect money to buy better food, special items, and, of course, more fish.


As your population grows, so does the fun and excitement! In every way, Insaniquarium Deluxe is truly the "insane aquarium" game!

Wacky Gameplay Keeps You on the Edge of Your Seat!

As you begin playing, things are pretty calm . . . for a little while!

As you progress, you'll have options to buy more exotic fish, upgraded weapons, and more nutritious food. In addition to feeding fish and collecting coins, you also need to watch out for vicious aliens which periodically warp into your tank. Fight them off with your laser blasters before they gobble up your fishies!

Play for a short time and you'll quickly discover why this addictive and fun game is called Insaniquarium Deluxe!

Four Different Game Types Make for Lots of Variety

Your journey begins in Adventure mode. As you progress, unlock three more wacky ways to play Insaniquarium Deluxe!

  • Time Trial puts you in a race against the clock, trying to collect the most money possible.
  • Challenge mode is an intense battle for survival against ever-increasing numbers of stronger and stronger aliens. There are 20 all-new levels in four unique fishtanks, and new boss character to fight!
  • Virtual Tank mode gives you the freedom to do whatever you want in your aquarium. Your fish are be safe because no aliens will attack. You can even turn you tank into the screen saver for your computer!

A Fun Crew of Awesome Buddies is Here to Help!

Insaniquarium Deluxe is set up in a simple leveling format. To pass each level, earn enough money to buy all three parts of an egg. Once you've done that, your egg hatches and a fun, helpful creature pops out!

Stinky the Snail helps collect coins and jewels, Niko the Clam produces valuable pearls, and Itchy the Swordfish helps fend off alien attackers. Prego the Fish, Zorf the Seahorse, Clyde the Jellyfish . . . there are 24 total, so see if you can unlock them all!

Some of the Sea Creature Helpers and What They Do

  • Stinky the Snail - collects money on the tank floor
  • Niko the Clam - produces valuable pearls
  • Itchy the Swordish - helps fight aliens
  • Prego the Fish - gives birth to new guppies
  • Zorf the Seahorse - helps feed the fish
  • Clyde the Jellyfish - helps collect coins
  • Vert the Skeleton - drops gold coins
  • Rufus the Crab - helps fight aliens
  • Meryl the Mermaid - causes guppies to drop 3 coins when she sings
  • Wadsworth the Whale - protects smaller fish from Alien Attack
  • Seymour the Turtle - makes coins and gems fall slower
  • Shrapnel the Robot Fish - drops bombs worth $150 but can hurt fish
  • Gumbo the Angler - leads guppies away from aliens
  • Blip the Porpoise - gives info on where aliens come from, alien energy points, shows fish hunger levels, lets you purchase anything
  • Rhubarb the Hermit Crab - keeps fish off the bottom of the tank
  • Nimbus the Manta Ray - throws treasure or food at the bottom of the tank back to the top
  • Amp the Electric Eel - turn guppies into diamonds by electrocution
  • Gash the Shark - fights aliens but may eat an occasional fish
  • Angie the Angelfish - revives dead fish
  • Presto the Tadpole - can turn into any other pet
  • Nostradamus the Nose - delays alien attacks and other weird oddities
  • Brinkley the Scuba Diving Elephant - spits out treasure when fed
  • Stanley the Startingly Small Sea Serpent - fights aliens like a madman!
  • Walter the Penguin - click him and see what happens!

Insaniquarium is Great for Any and All Ages

Cute fish, fun and personable characters, simple yet challenging gameplay, and more: Insaniquarium Deluxe includes lots and lots of features which make it ideal for kids, teens, and adults alike.


The game comes with colorful graphics that fit perfectly, and goofy sound effects which do the same.

In every way, Insaniquarium Deluxe is a wonderful experience for the whole family, so download the game now and let the insanity begin!

Insaniquarium Deluxe Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Sara

Despite it's simplicity, Insaniquarium is one of the most invigorating and addicting games of the task management/arcade genre currently available.

Aquarium Management and Defense

The premise is simple: build up an aquarium of strong fish who produce coins to purchase larger fish, greater weaponry, more efficient supplies, and all essentials needed to fend off the hoard of aliens that incessantly attack your humble little tank. All begins calmly, with only one or two guppies hungering for attention but slowly your forces grow, constantly nourishing the army that will lead you to fortune and victory.


Unlock Helpers for Your Tank

Along the way some unique pets are acquired as points mount, including a fighting swordfish and coin-collecting snail. Some of the sound effects produced by these underwater friends can be a bit disturbing at times, including those of Prego the fish who is constantly reproducing masses of guppies with the most unpleasant of sounds.


As the continually growing numbers of fish drop equal numbers of coins, it is a helter skelter to collect all your earnings while tending to the well being of your fleet. Alien attacks occur regularly and can feature several evil players, including a flaming man and a brutal shark-like beast.


Working through all the levels will unlock several other play modes, as well as over 20 diverse pets, more elaborate tanks, and even wilder minion extra-terrestrials. Tank backgrounds are vibrant and a pleasure to behold.

Conclusion - Unique and Very Well Done

While the mechanics of game play are quite simple and the motive behind tasks even simpler, Insaniquarium is inexplicably addicting and will truly keep you captivating for many stimulating hours. All fans of the arcade genre are advised to take a stab at this underwater classic.

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Fast Facts

  1. Insaniquarium Deluxe was released on September 8, 2004.
  2. Insaniquarium was developed by Flying Bear Entertainment and published by the veteran of casual games, PopCap Games.
  3. The game is available on Windows, Windows Mobile, Palm OS and Java-based platforms.
  4. This is Flying Bear Entertainment's only game so far, but PopCap has had its hand in a lot of casual titles like Bejeweled, Talismania, Zuma and AstroPop.
  5. Ever since its release, Insaniquarium has been downloaded over 18 million times.
  6. The original freeware version of the game proved to be so popular that it was eventually packaged into a buyable deluxe edition that included all sorts of extra features.

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