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Airport Mania: First Flight

Take over the control tower and try your own hand at running an airport in Airport Mania!

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

A very good game, far above average & recommended.


  • Amusing sound effects.
  • Unique concept.
  • Many bonuses and upgrades that encourage fast paced action.


  • Plain, uninteresting graphics.
  • A bit too short.




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Game Description

Manage take offs and landings

Pack your bags for an exciting trip through the skies in Airport Mania! During your travel through 8 amusing airports, you'll land a variety of planes, upgrade your airport, and make sure your customers avoid delays.

Guide colored planes to same colored gates for extra points. Queue similar actions (like take offs and unloading) in a certain order for extra points. As you advance in levels the action and challenge gets more intense!


Full of unique challenges, whimsical characters, and fun that will put a smile on your face, Airport Mania is one flight you shouldn't miss!

Airport Mania: First Flight Review

Jim Rosenquist Avatar

Review by Sara

Airport Mania tests your ability to manage the movement to and from an airport, including all unexpected aspects from broken engines to refueling. Coordinate surplus air traffic while keeping the planes content.

Planes With Expressions

Each plane is their own animate being, possessing eyes, eyebrows, mouths, and accompanying voices to match! Planes hum along with smiles across their faces when rushed through the airport but get anxious when kept waiting too long.


Basic Game Idea

Accommodate your planes' desires by moving traffic in and out of loading zones quickly, directing excess planes to parking locations, stealthily filling gas tanks, mending engines, and rapidly seeing each type of plane back into the sky. Receive major bonuses for color coordinating planes to matching loading zones. Bonuses are worked into the design of the game to encourage faster paces that make the game more intriguing. Additionally, each new airport visited unlocks new upgrades such as in-plane films and better equipped loading zones to reward substantial achievement.

Good for Short Term Play

The subject matter is no doubt unique, controlling the daily functions of various types of airports. Working through each of the eight locations will most likely only take a few hours at most, which is a detriment to those seeking a longer investment. However, all tasks in each airport can be replayed to earn the highest point total which does allow for some replay appeal.


Graphics are relatively dull and unexciting, which is disappointing as the simplicity of this release would have greatly benefited from vibrant aesthetics.

Conclusion - Unique But of Moderate Entertainment Value

Overall Airport Mania functions flawlessly and could be amusing due to the originality of subject matter, specifically to those already inclined towards the task management category, but many may find it somewhat dull and uneventful and all are advised to attempt the trial version prior to purchasing the full feature.

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