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Virtual Villagers 3 Strategy Guide – Puzzle 1 Solution

Virtual Villagers 3 – The Secret City
Hints, Tips, and Puzzle Walkthroughs

Puzzle 1 – The First Chief.
To get your chief, drop all your villagers on the robes in the amphitheater. You can do this with any villager except nursing moms. If you can’t find your chief right away, wait until the moms no longer have babies and drop them on the robe. Repeat this process each time your chief dies.

Puzzle 1 – The First Chief
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Puzzle 11 – Banishing the Sharks
Puzzle 12 – Aromatherapy
Puzzle 13 – The Ash Key
Puzzle 14 – The Hanging Key
Puzzle 15 – The Clam Key
Puzzle 16 – The Sun Dial

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