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Army Men RTS Fast Facts

  1. The earliest release date for Army Men: RTS was March 28, 2002.
  2. Army Men: RTS was the work of Pandemic Studios.
  3. Army Men: RTS is a part of the Sarge's Heroes series, which includes Sarge's Heroes, Sarge's Heroes 2, Sarge's War, and Major Malfunction. Sarge's Heroes is in turn a part of the much larger Army Men franchise, which includes the original Army Men, Army Men II, Toys in Space, the Air Attack series, Army Men: Operation Green, Army Men: Advance, and Army Men: Mobile Ops. There was also a spin-off game that took place in the same universe called Portal Runner.
  4. Other games developed by Pandemic Studios include Star Wars: Battlefront, Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, Full Spectrum Warrior, The Saboteur, and Destroy All Humans!
  5. Army Men: RTS is available for the PC, Nintendo GameCube, and Sony Playstation 2.
  6. GameSpot praised the Army Men franchise for 'taking [the] ageless pastime' of playing with toy soldiers and 'giving it new hi-tech legs.'
  7. Army Men: RTS was lauded for finally bringing a more strategic game to the series and making it feel more akin to playing with the classic toy soldiers.

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