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Reviewed by: Hillary

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DFG Exclusive Review Summary

  • Unbelievably addictive, and the ability to chain every single action makes it a task-management lovers dream.
  • Bright, 'cartoony' 3D graphics complete the theme and are a lot of fun to look at while playing.
  • Casual Mode and Expert Mode offer a range of difficulty levels for both less and more experienced players.
  • Great variety of tasks and level requirements make each level different and keep it from being boring.
  • Awards for various achievements give you a reason to play the game more than once.
  • Upgrade system is a little on the sparse side.




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Game Description

Jim's Flower Nursery Might Go Out of Business!

Help Sara save her favorite job by opening up a farmer's market to raise funds to keep the nursery open. She has eight weeks to raise the necessary cash by filling customer's orders with harvesting fresh produce, gathering eggs from ostriches, and many other farming goods.

Plan ahead as you help Sara through every part of running the ranch: starting with basic crop harvesting, raising animals, and using various machines to produce foods from your raw materials.

Fresh Gameplay

While there have been an assortment of farm themed time management games, Ranch Rush keeps things crisp with attractive graphics, superb gameplay, and creativity. It sets a good pace for every job and keeps the game challenging but balanced.

You'll have to think and strategize rather than just blindly clicking away in order to manage your farm profitably. You have complete control over the farm and can rearrange your setup at any time to help finish each challenge.

Exquisite Pacing and Strategy

Ranch Rush presents a fun and entertaining time management game which starts out at a manageable pace, but quickly ramps up the difficulty and keeps you entertained. It adds an interesting twist to the management genre in that whatever condition you leave the farm in at the end of the day, that's how it will be the next morning.

Thus, each level is not a rush to the finish, but also involves planning ahead and making sure your farm is sustainable for the long-term.

If you like time management games and a challenge, download Ranch Rush today and race to rack up those profits!

Ranch Rush Review

- Review by Hillary

If you've ever played a task-management game, or even if you haven't, Ranch Rush is an absolute must-play. Combining an engaging theme with great graphics, addicting gameplay, and enough variety to make fans of the genre weep with joy makes this game one of the best task-management games out there. Ranch Rush takes all the elements of a great task-management game and does them much, much better. There is very little wrong with this game, and is more than well worth the download.

Task Management Taken to a New Level

The gameplay is very similar to what you would expect from other games in the same category. Using the mouse, you must click like crazy to complete all your tasks before time runs out. Tasks include planting crops, watering, harvesting, spraying pesticides, putting your crops in machines to produce things like bread and cheese, and maintaining those machines, among many, many others. There is so much to do and pay attention to that Ranch Rush avoids the Achilles Heel of task-management games: repetition leading to boredom. Even in the lower levels, you are constantly moving, clicking and scanning your farm for the next task.

Chain Every Action For Big Points

Task-management fans will love he ability to chain every single action, with apparently no limit. You can chain the whole level if you know exactly what you are doing and get your timing just right, which makes it also a game of planning and strategy, adding more diversity than your garden variety task-management game.

Story - Make Money In a Short Time

You play Sara, an intrepid young entrepreneur working to save the ranch from nasty developers. She has eight weeks to make enough of a profit to stave off the corporate wolves, and gains new crops, machines and abilities along the way. Each week is six days long, but consists of five traditional levels (gathering/making everything a specific customer requests before time runs out) and one unique level. This level is called “Farmer's Market,” and is a sort of free level. You are given a very short amount of time, such as a minute and a half, and each of your crops or products is worth a certain amount.

The goals are to make as much money as you can in the limited time, but you don't fail if you don't make any. This gives you a little extra cash to buy new crops, more animals, or upgrades for your ranch. This kind of variety and the “grab-and-go” level make the game very unique and definitely keep it from being repetitive or boring.

Casual and Expert Modes

There are also two difficulty levels: Casual Mode and Expert Mode. Expert Mode is much harder and can be unlocked after playing through the first two weeks in Casual Mode. This gives the game plenty of longevity, because Casual Mode is no walk in the park. You will definitely have a reason to come back and try to beat Expert Mode.

Some Good Incentives to Keep Playing

As you please customers and make money for your ranch, you can earn trophies for various achievements. These range from completing 10 levels without failing to making $1,000,000 over the course of the game. They offer a lot to shoot for and a great incentive to play through the game multiple times. The other incentive is time bonuses. You get a certain amount of money for completing the level, but get a bonus based on how quickly you do so.

As the difficulty increases so do the bonuses, so completing a hard level quickly will earn you a lot of money, which you can spend on upgrades or more crops. The amount of money you make is reflected on the level map, which shows your struggles to save the ranch, but also gives you a rank based on the total amount of money you have earned. It's really fun to see yourself rank up and challenge yourself to make more.

Excellent Graphics and Sound

The graphics are excellent and really complement the quality of the game. They are bright, colorful, 3D graphics that move and change depending on what you do on the ranch. This kind of interaction is a lot of fun, because you can see the crops wilting when they need water or getting larger as they are getting closer to harvest. This kind of quality really improves the game overall, because it is so involved and makes the game that much more interesting to play.

The music is also integrated very well into the game, with the background music and sound effects feeling like they really belong. You can turn them off in the options, but it really adds to the game to have them on.

Could Do Better On the Upgrades

The only drawback to this game is the skimpy upgrade system. Over the course of the levels you get upgrades that are more or less automatic. These are things like new crops or machines that you need to go on to the next level. You have to use the money you have earned to buy them, but if you've completed the levels you will always have enough. There are very few real upgrades, but they are useful to the game (like faster harvesting, faster running, or sprinklers so you don't have to water). The game could have really benefited from just a few more upgrades.

Conclusion - Awesome Task Management Game, Nearly Flawless

Ranch Rush is addicting, great visually, and incredibly involved and interactive. It offers two difficulty levels, plenty of variety in levels and goals, awards for achievements and excellent graphics. The lacking upgrade system is really only a tiny fault in comparison with everything this game does right. It is engaging, fun to play, and diverse enough to keep you hooked for hours, and hours, and hours to beat Casual Mode, Expert Mode and win all of the awards. Ranch Rush is more than worth the download.

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