Explore and Conquer the Temple of Wishes!

Jewel Quest: The Sapphire Dragon

Jewel Quest: The Sapphire Dragon

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Game Description

Rescue Mission to the Temple of Wishes

While flying his plane in a snowstorm not too long ago, Raj experienced a crash-landing that inadvertently led to his discovery of an ancient ruin nestled away in the mountains. Dubbed the Temple of Wishes, he returned to civilization to put together a group of daring archeologists to investigate it.

While hanging out in a bar with his sister and friends on the night before the expedition, a gang of pirates suddenly burst inside. In the ensuing scuffle, the thugs seize Raj and drag him away, intent on getting to the Temple of Wishes themselves. Wasting no time, our heroes set off to rescue their friend and leader.


Match 3 Gameplay with a Plot

You may have played your fair share of match-three puzzle games, but how many of those actually had a plot to follow with characters to root for? Sapphire Dragon continues the legacy set by the Jewel Quest series to deliver an enjoyable story alongside your game.

  • Watch the story unfold with fully-voiced cutscenes.
  • Laugh at the cast’s humorous banter.
  • Get further incite into the story and characters by reading their journals.

Play a Wide Variety of Match 3 Games

If you’ve played any match 3 game, things should look familiar here. You’ve got a board of gems, and you’ve got to clear them out by matching at least three together. It’s a simple but addictive formula, but The Sapphire Dragon spices it up by adding all sorts different variations to it!

  • Play normal games to turn every tile on the board gold.
  • Play Pathmaker and work your way down a designated path of tiles.
  • Play Secret Passage to open up tiles that are hidden from your view.
  • Play Build games to collect certain building materials by matching them up.
  • And more!

Use Different Characters

In Jewel Quest: The Sapphire Dragon, you’ve got a team of five characters to guide through the treacherous mountainous path

  • Unlock five distinctive characters: Ali, Solomon, Trevor, Tanya and Natalie.
  • Use a different combination of skills for each character. Use Ali to swap the positions of any two gems on the board, have Solomon shuffle the entire board, and so on.
  • Gain experience for your characters and improve their skills.

Go on a Daring Adventure

Jewel Quest has been one of the most definitive match 3 game franchises out there for a long time. The Sapphire Dragon shows exactly why that is; it provides the beautiful simplicity of the base game, a nice amount of variations to mix things up, a selection of distinct characters that all have unique play styles, and it wraps it all together in a thrilling adventure story.

Fans of both match 3 and Jewel Quest games cannot and should not miss this!

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