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  • Follows TV show closely, including the two famous judges Padma Lakshmi and Tom Colicchio.
  • Two Quickfire Challenges give you a chance to practice before the Elimination Round.
  • Powerups give you more variety and options for your dishes so you can get the best score possible.
  • You choose what to put in, so each dish is unique and changes based on the ingredients you choose.
  • Before the challenge you get hints on what kinds of ingredients to use and what ingredients work well together.
  • Storyline is detached and doesn't follow what you do in the challenges at all; just sort of random comments by competitors.
  • Some powerups are confusing and don't seem to actually help.
  • Very difficult to get enough 'Classic Combo' bonuses to get five stars on a dish, and impossible to do better than three stars without 'Classic Combos'.
  • You only get a set number of ingredients and sometimes they don't match what you are asked to put in the dish, which limits your score and becomes frustrating.
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