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  • You can choose a player picture to represent each player on your computer.
  • 3 categories of card games to play.
  • Graphics are better than most solitaire collections.
  • Entertaining and addicting for the solitaire fan.
  • No music - only sound effects which sound disjointed.
  • No storyline or underlying connection between the games makes it boring and repetitive.
  • No variety in gameplay.
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Hoyle Solitaire Fast Facts

  1. Hoyle Solitaire was released in June 6, 1996.
  2. The game is the product of Sierra Entertainment, though the company went by the name of Sierra On-Line at the time of its release.
  3. Hoyle Solitaire is playable on Macs and Windows PCs. Windows systems that are capable of running it stretch all the way back to Windows 3.x.
  4. Sierra Entertainment is especially famous for delivering some of the most beloved adventure game series to the industry, including King's Quest, Quest for Glory, and Leisure Suit Larry.
  5. Hoyle Solitaire was widely praised for its wide variety of solitaire games. GameSpot commented on its addictive nature and said that it would 'offer hours of gameplay' to solitaire fans everywhere.

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